The Fool’s Road to Financial Freedom


1. Our first hard freeze will arrive any day now, but I am at the garden nursery again. This time I am buying just a few potted violas for the window boxes. Also, a scooper. It is …

I Remembered Her Baptism


I can’t remember what set her off. It doesn’t matter, really. She was having a tantrum because she is three years old. Benjamin and I take turns losing our cool. We ask the question as if …

Jesus Gives (or, How Is This Thing Worth It?)


My philosophy professor was a bright-eyed man with a Shakespearean sense of humor, but even that did not help me feel goodwill toward him the day our class discussion turned toward Jesus. It wasn’t that …

Midlife Chills In An Indian Summer


  Something deep down inside me has been missing. Like that chill you feel when you forgot to layer up after being warned that the weather is going to change. You thought you'd be warm enough, …


November 20 2014

I Used to Be Such a Good Person


When I lived in Portland, Oregon I was such a good person. I attended political rallies, recycled, and rode my bike everywhere. I believed in social change, living simply, and caring about the earth. I …


November 19 2014

Standing in the Door


When I was told about the Sandanistan Revolution in Nicaragua, I was sitting in a church. The people of that church told me about their uprising, the people’s uprising. They told me how they had …

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