The Ministry of Availability


I'm not busy. There. I said it. I'm fighting the urge to feel ashamed of my present circumstances. I'm not sure when it happened but you're more likely to hear "busy" than "fine" when you ask someone …

That Time Prayer Actually Worked


I didn’t step forward to ask for prayer that Sunday morning because I expected prayer to work. I stepped forward because I didn’t know where else to turn. I needed to just say “Enough!” Enough is …


January 27 2015



It was supposed to have been her wedding day. But instead, a variety of us spent the day on a gorgeous sailboat taking in sun, views, and wine. Everyone gave her an extra squeeze, but for the …

the story, science and my son


My son spent the morning working on his homework, math and reading for the most part. The essays must have centered around space because he kept popping his head in my office asking about Venus, …

Infiltrating Injustice: Some Thoughts on Filling the Racial Divide with Humanity


The news has been relentlessly bad everywhere – personal, local, national, global. Sometimes I have to shut it all off. My own broken life is hard enough without hearing about death, disease, disaster, and the …

How to Live When the End Is Near


On the cusp of a milestone, with four generations at the end of 2014 -- age range, 4 -- 93 This is a big year for me, one of those milestone numbers. It’s the year that …

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