about us

What is this place?

This is a website full of stories, photo essays, opinion columns, and more written and produced by people of all different shapes, sizes, races, political affiliations, theological leanings and locations around the world.

In January of 2011, Nish Weiseth decided that she wanted a place where she could talk about the difficult topics in Christianity and culture, but she was tired of reading nothing but heated, over-simplified rhetoric that did more to push people out into the margins than it did to draw them in. She wanted to start addressing these issues using the art of storytelling, but she couldn’t find a place on the web for her to do that. So, she built a place herself. That’s when A Deeper Story was born. Nish and a handful of other storytellers decided to swim against the current and do something different. Since it’s launch, we’ve grown into a community of writers, readers, photographers, musicians, visual artists, poets, moms, dads, sinners and saints. A Deeper Story now has a readership in the hundreds of thousands in over 115 different countries around the world.

Here at A Deeper Story, we believe that the best way to address a topic is through the lens of our personal experiences.

We believe in the power of Story.

We believe that if we’re honest, vulnerable and brave when we tell our stories, that those stories can build bridges across ideologies, advocate for the least of these, and proclaim the Kingdom of God breaking in on earth every day.

We believe it can tell others something about God and the world that maybe they’ve never heard before. We believe story can change the hearts and minds of people to be a little bit more like Jesus. Because, after all, Jesus himself was a master storyteller.

We believe that stories can change the world.

It’s easy to tell someone your opinion.┬áIt’s hard work telling them your story.


A word of caution

Here at A Deeper Story, nothing is off-limits. There is no topic too dark, no subject too difficult. We’ll do our best to warn you ahead of time if we address an issue that would require a heads-up (like rape, abuse, violence, addiction and more).

Because we all come from different backgrounds and theological leanings, we don’t all hold our language to the same standard. Some people cuss, others don’t. We don’t censor our language here. Keep that in mind as you read. If you choose not to read a post because of the language, you won’t offend us. However, we ask that you withhold your judgment for those that aren’t bothered by language.


What We Believe

Like we stated above, the theological and denominational choices of the storytellers are varied. However, we do ask that all storytellers affirm the Nicene Creed.


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