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Rust Cohle and My Recent Conversion


Do you want to hear about my recent conversion? It just happened. I mean, you don't have to believe me or anything. You might be suspicious about this sort of story. Sometimes I am too. See, back …

The Dad of a Preacher-Kid


I'm not sure when my kid started preaching, but I think it was about a month ago. I was sitting at my desk when Gemma, the four year old, walked in and started asking me questions …

Jimmy Fallon and the Joy of the Lord


I'm not a super disciplined person. But recently I've taken up a new spiritual discipline, and I'm quite excited about it. At night, when the rest of the family is in bed, I have been regularly and …

Breaking Wesleyanabaptist: A Story About (Resistible) Grace


The senior pastor pulled me aside and, in his infamous dramatic baritone, directed me on how to lead the small group. "I need you to emphasize reprobation," he said. "I believe it's essential to understanding the …


April 25 2014

Naming the Master


Emotional abuse is an actual thing. I know because I was abused this way by an authority figure for the better part of my life. The difficult thing about emotional abuse is that it doesn’t get the …

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