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October 31 2012

Dear readers,

From our family to yours, Happy Halloween! We hope you’re having a wonderful fall season & partaking in all the candy-eating, pumpkin-carving, apple-picking fun. Enjoy these photos of some of the writing crew from Halloweens gone by.


Yours truly,

The Deeper Story/Family/Church Crew.


Wonder Woman – Tamara Lunardo

Spandex-wearing, figure skater extraordinaire – Erika Morrison

Pigtail-braided cowgirl – Joy Bennett

Greek Goddess or guest of the Animal House? She’ll never tell – Lindsey Nobles

Glenda, the Good Witch from the North (or California, as it were) – Jen Johnson

The cutest little girl you ever did see – Alece Ronzino

Astrid the Viking, of “How to Train Your Dragon” fame – Addie Zierman

Our favorite aristocrat, who is sadly getting slain by a pirate – Leigh Kramer

Oh my gracious, it’s Peggy Olson from Mad Men! – DL Mayfield

Everything’s better with an afro – Mandy Steward

Serious Wonder Woman is serious. – Amanda Williams

80’s Punk RULES! – Sarah Bessey


  1. Sarah Bessey, FTW.

  2. Addie’s family picture was insane. Love it!

  3. Ha ha, this is great. It should become a tradition!

  4. How to Train your dragon such a fun family costume idea!

  5. How to Train your dragon such a fun family costume idea!

  6. I’m sorry, but Erika and her man? TOTALLY WIN.

    • Kinda makes me want to file that one away. ; )

    • True, true. That is an impressive amount of spandex. I have a special place in my heart for side ponytails and neon hairspray. It’s a tough call.

  7. Good grief, this is hilarious!!!

  8. Tina/ @teenbug

    DL as Peggy Olson! PERFECTION.

  9. Tina/ @teenbug

    I feel kinda left out. We didn’t have Halloween in the Middle East!

  10. Gary

    A wonderful team.


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