I am his beloved misfit


a guest post by friend of Deeper Story, Michelle DeRusha Truthfully, a Saint Paul-like conversion would have been a heck of a lot easier. What’s not to like about falling over in the middle of the road, …

Johnny Cash Singing at St. James Episcopal


We walk out the front door of our house in Lancaster city and Miss Joyce is sitting on the neighboring porch. She is almost always there. “You know, they’re l-l-letting me stay here until July 1st,” …

The Word Made Flesh


When I return home, that place where I grew up and learned how to drive and how to pray and that King's hot fudge pecan ice cream ball may not cure a broken heart but …


July 08 2014

Learning My Gifts


Coming home from church camp that first year, I was a 14 year old on fire. I loved feeling like one of the big kids and this year of camp was different. They talked to us …

Leaving Church, Coming Home


  If church is a nest, I am the baby bird pushed out of it. Not once but over and over. Hop-scotching the map of these United States, I have always sought a church just like …

It shouldn’t have worked. But it did.


(RSS readers, you may have to click through to watch the video that introduces this post.) It's an imperfect sort of story. Aren't they all? I've had many moments like the story I told about "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" …

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