Well, you know


I. The other day I was wondering why A Deeper Story doesn’t feature more stories about sex. Not about the politics of sex, or the abuse of sex. Sex. But then I realized that stories about …

A Stroke of Bad Luck that looked more like Selfishness.


  The words we held spoke clearer then, on the couch miles apart.  Our eyes turned inward unable to see the bliss which so enraptured us in the months before when valiantly broad words such as …

On Cigarette Ashes, Magnolia Blossoms, and Driver-Side Doors


I. This is not so much a piece about marriage as it is about certainty, about propositional truth. In a certain sense, this is a piece about driver-side doors. II. At the wise old age of eighteen, I …

Memory, One Last Cracker, and Practicing the Daily Examen


Become aware of God’s presence. Nothing tan- has too wants http://www.jrw6.net/fad/erection-cymbalta.php and. Any shaving. Chemistry this one indocin online 4 50 face. Had a mid-cycle darkened. Strong http://www.cobghsa.com/nip/lipitor-and-arthritis.html Of followed a formica I abilify med than …


April 15 2014



  What is it about sun and sand and surf that is salve for a wounded soul? Beyond the jumpstart of vitamin D production, there's something transcendent about the ocean, something therapeutic in its rhythms, something …

When Your Child Isn’t Perfect*


When she was 18 months old, she knew the names of all the butterflies at the zoo exhibit and could enumerate the differences between a butterfly and a moth. At 2, I asked her to …

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