Saving My Daughter From the Single Story


In my purse right now is a letter from my seven year old daughter to Ellen.  Her letter is written on unlined computer paper in four different marker colors with sentences all topsy-turvy crooked. The …

Letting Children Play at a Funeral (or, Saying Yes More Often)


i walk the fairgrounds in the early morning clouds that spit rain and i wonder when will these years slow down? each year is the spin of a merry-go-round pushed by friends whose ears are deaf to our cries slow down please stop let …


September 24 2014

I See You


I know it's going to happen the moment I see this woman. It's a narrow grocery aisle and there is only one way out. My daughter gasps when she sees her. An audible "WOW" flies out of her mouth in her typical one …

Ill-equipped Mother: Why I Don’t Have to Know It All


She burst through the door, desperate to escape something, tears reddening her eyes. I spun my office chair around in time to see the door slam and catch the scent of sweat and grief. I wasn’t …

How Benedictine spirituality changed the way I mother


Last spring my first book came out. It’s a memoir about prayer and motherhood and how the Rule of St. Benedict gave me permission to move toward a new sort of relationship with God: one where …

A Mama’s Tug o’ War


I’m writing from the playroom sofa; it’s 1am. The boys are vomiting in turn, sitting up sad in their matching twin beds, the ones that were bunked in my brother’s room thirty-something years ago. Brother …

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