August 13 2014

Moving, Humanized


The first time I moved in the past twelve months, I was alone. Sifting through years of memories isn’t easy to do by yourself. When a marriage dissolves, what stays and what goes? Some things …

We Shouldn’t Pray For Him


Honey, we shouldn’t pray for him. The words didn’t come out of my mouth, but they came close, derailed somewhere on the way from my brain to my tongue. And they stuck there, in the back …

Things Will Not Get Better and That’s OK


It’s bath time for our son Ethan. I’ve taken over most nights this summer during the final weeks of my wife’s pregnancy. He’s splashing in the tub without a care in the world, tossing his …

Just a Housewife (or Finding Refuge in the Kitchen)


 I hide out in the last room I ever thought I would find refuge. Growing up I would watch my mother buzz around cutting boards, bowls of chopped up vegetables, pots and pans on the stove …

His hands they heal, his hands they bruise.


It’s 11:30 PM and I am deep in sleep. His hands find me. My slumbering mind reaches slow towards the surface, towards his touch. I want to go back to the deep but my body reacts to …

Will You Go, Regardless?


In two weeks, my husband, five kids and I are headed to Northern Ireland to lead two short term missions teams, from two different churches, for two weeks.      Did you pause? Did you mumble, …

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