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January 30 2012

This doesn’t happen often here at Deeper Story… where we take a post and ask you to go elsewhere to read it. But today is one of those days.

Our own Preston Yancey is doing a marvelous series on The Church, called At The Lord’s Table. A huge list of contributors are lined up, all of whom are powerful word-slingers. It seems that it’s easy to find things wrong with The Church… we’re quick to pick it to all sorts of pieces instead of choosing to find the beauty within her Body. That’s why I love this series that Preston is hosting… it’s a focused effort on the part of many writers to share our heart and love for The Church.

It’s my turn today, to share my words with the world about my passion and love for the Bride. My piece is called “I have the heart of Israel.”

Would you join me there, today? 



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