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January 09 2013

Let revival come. Let the people sing. The glory of Your name. Brett Younker, Come to the Water


There have been days when I have worried about the future of the church.

I have wondered if the church can evolve to engage the next generation? If we can learn to love like Jesus and not just preach like Paul? If we can come together an encourage honest dialogue about real issues? If we can care more about our children than we care about our traditions?

Earlier this year I attended You Lost Me! Live, an incredible event hosted by Barna {seriously, if it comes to a city near you, GO!} focused on the exodus of 18-29 year olds from the church. During the event, painted not only a picture of why twenty-somethings were leaving in droves but also shed light on ways that the church can adapt and better serve this lost generation. It left me…feeling hopeful.

But it wasn’t until I attended Passion last week surrounded by 60,000 college student who sacrificed their last few days of Christmas break to gather, worship, and speak up for the oppressed, that I truly caught a vision for what the church might become.

I am hopeful that we are nipping at the heels of a revival. Of a church that is that delicately balances truth and grace, justice and theology, and study and practice. Of a church that is the hands and the feet of Our Savior. And of a church that is the salt and the light.

Let us not stand in their way. Let us embrace them. Let us be changed.

And let revival come!

Passion 2

All your sons and your daughters, dreaming the dreams of their Father, seeing the signs and wonders, the Kingdom of God.

Whoa, hear the sound from heaven! Whoa, a might rushing wind! Whoa, we are calling for revival! God let your fire fall again, It’s burning in my soul. Brett Younker, Burning in My Soul


  1. This is good! Let revival come. Teach us to love like Jesus. To show justice, mercy and love to the poor, the oppressed and those the world would rather look around as they lay in the dirt.

    Teach the church to be the change because really it starts with us. In us, in our hearts and our actions, our words and the way we approach the burdens we see around us.

    Revival of the church has been on my heart for so long as I see people broken and list and Christians looking away because “it’s not their job” or “someone else will do it”

    Rise up church

    As Always,


  2. I have exactly the same sense, as if we’re on the brink of a Spirit Explosion of some sort – and that it will come in the arena of peace and justice ministries. May it be so!! Thanks for this encouragement to keep thinking and praying in the same direction.

  3. I’ve tried to write about Passion, but words continue to fail me. My heart was broken over and over again, both by my own sin and the sins of others. And it swelled with joy to overflowing, over and over again as I heard repeated that God gave Himself to set the captives free, and as I saw my church kids respond to this truth. Yes, I have great hope and excitement for the Church because God is raising up the next generation to bring glory to Him and the Gospel of freedom to the world.

    And since I’m not ok with 13,500,000 children living in slavery, I’m headed to the Justice Conference to find a practical way to use what God has given me to help set them free. I’m in it to End It! : )

  4. I love this!! I love that we all feel it!! Something is stirring up!! Something Awesome is about to happen!! It’s so exciting!! I so don’t want to miss it! I do not want to be part of the crowd that is too busy running around “chasing my tail”

    PS: I love. Love. Love. reading about your life!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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