January 25 2013


Well hey there, sleepyhead. Glad to see you’re finally up. We’ve poured some coffee for you and there’s a scone on the counter that should still be warm.

While you’re sipping that coffee and nibbling that scone, we want to share a bit of the notable posts that stood out from Deeper Church and Deeper Family in the past few weeks, along with the comments that caught our attention. Think of this as your lazy Friday morning catch-up, in case you missed these conversation-starters, and maybe circle ’round to those posts and add your voice.

From Deeper Church

St. Paul spoke of life in Christ’s Church as one where we are all members of one body. We’re fixed to one another. We share space and blood and history. We don’t get to walk away from the other members. To do so would require a violent severing; and after, we’d only shrivel and die. My wife Miska says that this is one of the beauties of family – you don’t get to choose who your family is, and you can’t, in the end, finally walk away

from Winn Collier, in church words: member

and, a portion of a notable comment on that post, from Diana Trautwein

I’m curious as to how it works out in the nitty-gritty. We recently visited a local church, about 35 years old, begun by two brothers, both new believers at the time, and avid surfers. They wanted a hang-loose attitude and their church is wildly successful, at least in numbers – probably the largest in our town. But the Sunday we visited, they read – out loud, in worship – a letter announcing the recent affair between two members of a worship team, describing the discipline they would now be under and asking for prayer. In a worship service. I was told it happened this way because they do not have members, therefore no ‘list’ to send this information to – therefore, it needed to be announced at the weekly gathering. Excuse me? That was a really hard one for me.

From Deeper Family

People used to go fishing to try to find out if I was Jewish; my name certainly suggested it.   They thought they were being sly by asking me about my “background” but I knew what they were after; too many people had tried it for me not to know what they were really asking.

from Robin Dance in Pride and Prejudice

and, a a notable comment on that post, from Leigh Kramer

Robin, I applaud your decision to share this story, even as you’re still figuring out what you think about it all. I can only imagine the discussions your parents had and the quiet load you’ve carried all these years. Thank you for giving us this insight and caution against the assumptions we often make and the prejudices we carry. I grew up with Jewish friends and I don’t recall them having a similar experience. But then again, maybe they didn’t want to say anything. I long for a day when people will see past so-called barriers and recognize the need for unity.

From Deeper Church

A few years ago when I was asking some deep and hard questions, seeking direction from podcasts and books and blogs and opinions, one of my pastors at my church in New York came and leaned against my office door and said, “Lore, I think you’re going to need to step back and just trust the Lord on this. Filling your plate up with the smorgasbord of faith isn’t going to bring a resolution to the questions you’re asking. Only the Lord can do that.”

And He did. He brought me here, to my church, with this leadership, this service.

from Lore Ferguson, in Mark Driscoll Isn’t My Pastor

and, a portion of a notable comment on that post, from Suzannah Paul

but my sisters are hurting. my brothers are hurting. an acquaintance on facebook reached out to me just this week with a story of unfathomable spiritual abuse that she suffered in an acts 29 church. she was so burned by the people of God who were silent–or complicit–that she cannot even call herself a christian anymore.

thank God that you have a safe church. not everyone does–and not everyone can just leave if their household and community are completely enmeshed in that kind of controlling space–especially women who may be told to submit, forgive, show grace, and not rock the boat.

From Deeper Family

Let us speak to God: reverently but honestly; courageously yet humbly. Let’s practice saying thank you and forgive me with the one who said us into being. Let’s pray every day, every hour, every minute if necessary, for God to help us not be bullheaded hypocrites who make flimsy excuses for wounding with our words.

from Katherine Willis Pershey in Weep the Word Beautiful

and, a notable comment on that post, from Jen

I couldn’t finish reading this because I’m so profoundly stunned by this truth. I know it’s true, and the way it has happened to me recently, In a way which I struggle. I will finish this, but for now, yes.

So that’s what caught our eyes around these parts in the past few weeks. What was on the web that stood out to you?


  1. Wow. It’s been quite a week or two out here in the Deeper Story community. Thanks, Preston, for doing this.

  2. This is my best from the week. Nish Weiseth, Sarah Bessey, Suzannah Paul, Preston, so many of the writers here, I am talking about you! On pot stirring and peace making


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