Gettin’ on the Mat


Matthew’s gospel has him showing up by the lakeside. Mark and Luke talk about an overcrowded house and the removal of roof tiles to get the guy into the same airspace as the Rabbi. And …

Go Ahead and Get Happy


I am a realist, also known as a pessimist. My worst-case scenarios dress themselves as facts of reality so I listen to them. But by the grace of God, I married an optimist. I fell …


July 16 2014

Dear Jim


Dear Jim, The recent passing of Maya Angelou shook me up a little. I'd read some of her work, and respected her from afar, and I was sincerely sad to hear that news. I was sad, but …

Johnny Cash Singing at St. James Episcopal


We walk out the front door of our house in Lancaster city and Miss Joyce is sitting on the neighboring porch. She is almost always there. “You know, they’re l-l-letting me stay here until July 1st,” …


July 15 2014

i’m too much


"I feel so betrayed."  Ironic and painful words to hear from the mouth of the one who left his family for a new chosen "other." His refusal to engage in even one honest conversation about the massive …

the seed has been planted


“The difference between me and you, baby,” Val said, arms hoisted behind her head, growing more tired after putting half her hair in twists for the night, “is not our situation, age, or race,” she …

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