July 22 2014

The Smoking Baby


My mom had a bizarre, painful accident that required surgery, so I drove 250 miles over the Colorado mountains to help her avoid a rocky recovery. She is famous for dropping everything to help in …

I am his beloved misfit


a guest post by friend of Deeper Story, Michelle DeRusha Truthfully, a Saint Paul-like conversion would have been a heck of a lot easier. What’s not to like about falling over in the middle of the road, …

Defending the Powerful Is Not Our Mission


It doesn’t take long to name recent well-known powerful people and their businesses for whom Christians have taken up. The owners of Chick-fil-A. Dave Ramsey. Sarah Palin. That one dude on Duck Dynasty. We call …


July 17 2014

Incarnated Poetry


My senior year of high school I took an AP English class. It was the only AP class offered, and despite my disdain for English classes, my desire to take fewer classes in college drove …

Gettin’ on the Mat


Matthew’s gospel has him showing up by the lakeside. Mark and Luke talk about an overcrowded house and the removal of roof tiles to get the guy into the same airspace as the Rabbi. And …

Go Ahead and Get Happy


I am a realist, also known as a pessimist. My worst-case scenarios dress themselves as facts of reality so I listen to them. But by the grace of God, I married an optimist. I fell …

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