Parenting in Neverland


"Will you get to go to Neverland, mom?" she asked me while I flipped the stuffed pierogis on the stove. "I mean, you believe in fairies, right? Because that's why grown-ups can't be there. They …

Journey Through Church


  In seven years, God slowly stripped away what we had come to believe defined “church.”  By 35 I had participated in everything from a pentecostal Southern Baptist church, to a multi denominational (cult like) community, to …

Classical Music Makes me Sick and Joyful


I never called him Dad. Not Daddy. Father. Papa. Always Jim. Which kept a somewhat safe distance between our hearts in the aftermath of divorce. We spent parts of weekends together as a part of a legal agreement. And …


April 30 2014

Too Much?


As I remember, it was somewhere between two and four in the afternoon, on a Monday. A lovely spring day, temperate California weather, a low simmer of chatter and anticipation in our small seminary classroom. There …

The Gaping Holes in My Pop-Culture Knowledge


"You can't have everything," the deadpan comic Steven Wright once said. "Where would you put it?" I feel the same way sometimes about culture. I've been a commentator about pop culture during my occasional gigs as …

where do you begin? (and where do you end?)


{image curated by the brilliant humane.tumblr} In July of 2000 when we got married, I was the ripe old age of 19 and he was a seasoned 24. Six months later I found out there was …

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