Saving My Daughter From the Single Story


In my purse right now is a letter from my seven year old daughter to Ellen.  Her letter is written on unlined computer paper in four different marker colors with sentences all topsy-turvy crooked. The …


October 08 2014

The Idol of Experience


I didn’t realize how pregnant my heart was with expectation. Then I boarded the plane. The two and a half hours to Washington allowed unconscious longings and expectations to move front and center into my …

“Them Preachers Don’t Know Nothin'”


It’s the last day of the fair and my dad is in the midway throwing rocks with my kids. The kids take turns, aiming for chalk squares, and their rocks skip and dance along the …

Forget Yourself and Rest


I pushed my toes off of the clammy earth beneath the water, my body feeling weightless in the clear lake water. I bobbed slightly and touched the stones beneath me again. Trees covered us like …

Antidepressants as Means of Grace


“I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to do,” I silently prayed, standing at the kitchen counter, pills in one hand, glass of water in the other. Fourteen years old and barely a high school freshman, …

The Ministry of Disappointment


I grew up as a church teen in the 1990s. Kirk Franklin had just proved that gospel songs could be played in church and in the club. Gold and purple “Jesus Is Lord” banners were …

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