Is St. Peter a Bouncer?


Presidential candidates are asked, so I’m told, “When you stand before the gates of the kingdom, and God inquires, ‘Why should I let you in?’ what would you say?” I take this to be a test …


October 20 2014

One Voice


We quietly entered in, as the music was in full swing. It was our first “pub night” in the little town of Rostrevor, Northern Ireland. We had to hurry to make it in before the …

None of Us Has a Script For This


We had a death in our family last week. A man very unexpectedly died and he left a family and a wife. And there’s no script for this. There is no script for the aftermath of an …


October 17 2014

I Am Not Okay


Are you okay? They see you cry. They see you fall in a fast, steep crumble. Are you okay? There's so much to fear, so much to worry about. They roll up their sleeves: what can be done? Is it going …

On fighting, farming and feasting


I’ve come to think that the implements for peace are in the granaries, not the armories. Maybe we need to look in garden sheds, not gun safes, when attempting to address our hostile urges. I survey …

When Toddlers and Spiritual Practices Meet


For every act of spiritual renewal I’ve attempted, it feels like there’s an equal and opposite reaction from my children. That’s not a solid law. It may not even be true. It just feels like that when …

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