On fighting, farming and feasting


I’ve come to think that the implements for peace are in the granaries, not the armories. Maybe we need to look in garden sheds, not gun safes, when attempting to address our hostile urges. I survey …

When Toddlers and Spiritual Practices Meet


For every act of spiritual renewal I’ve attempted, it feels like there’s an equal and opposite reaction from my children. That’s not a solid law. It may not even be true. It just feels like that when …

Why I’m Crazy Enough To Go For a Year Without the Internet


I took an entire year off of the Internet. No, not the year 1982. It was the year 2010. Before I did it, I was deeply addicted, to blogging, social networking, my email…the works. I dropped …

A Missions Report From This Grove of Trees


Dear missionary, I read your recent letter sharing news of travels to several mission fields. Your stories of God’s kingdom breaking in within so many varied geographies and cultures filled me with joy. You bring good …


October 15 2014

If Oprah Asked Me


“The Life You Want Weekend” is hopping around and happening in various cities across our country right now--from Atlanta to Detroit to D.C., with several locations in between and before--what I imagine will be--a climatic …


October 14 2014

Take Up a Different Story


The bell calls in the town Where forebears cleared the shaded land And brought high daylight down To shine on field and trodden road. I hear, but understand Contrarily, and walk into the woods. I leave labor and load, Take up a …

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