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Confession of a Bleeding-Heart, Utterly Useless White Ally


My friend’s baby is a beautiful boy; he’s got enough cheeks to fill your whole heart. At two months old, he makes an almost frightened look at the camera like, “What in the world are …

When God Brought Me to Italy to Perish


It’s not easy for me to think about the fall of 2007. Actually, “not easy” is a wild understatement in this case. Opening pickle jars is “not easy.” Putting snow boots on a toddler is “not …

How to Handle Broken People (Guest Post)


The most accurate measure of one's maturity is how well they react to another person’s brokenness. I don't know whose quote this is, but the second I read it a few months ago, I knew …

The Story in His Eyes


Our encounter lasted less than 10 minutes. Ten minutes in which this stranger told me his deepest parenting regrets. Ten minutes wherein I saw, in glimmers and flashes, in his tired blue eyes, a hope …

Best Albums of 2014! (Subjectively)


Yes, it’s here, the time for all the lists, maybe even a bit past time at this point. The following is my list of some great albums of 2014. They don’t include all of the …


January 29 2015



This is where I make the drive to the local counseling center, a nervous young woman in the passenger seat, again. And again. And again. Sometimes they are friends of friends, sometimes they’ve read something I’ve written, and …

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