May 07 2014

Everyday Lament


Words pierce like a weapon. The comments crisscross via phone slashing her. In the middle of a seminary campus walks a woman with quick stride and a crushed heart. When we talk she’s stunned (or …

When Suffering Becomes White Noise


What I was most stunned by was the constant, consistent destruction. No nook nor cranny can escape in a place like this. Littered porches, smoke from burning garbage, crumbling doorways opening to dark places, a …

Between St. Peter’s and Smoky Mountain


I entered past the guards in their golden, blue and red striped uniforms, with their faces firmly planted, eyes peering just above my head past the stretch of the courtyard, deep into the expanse of …


May 05 2014

5 Pounds


"Sarah Jane, I need you to take me into town for a few hours this afternoon," my grandmother says, standing in front of the ottoman where my feet are propped up. Jane is not my …

If Jesus Demands Excellence, I’m Out


I say the words, “Wait,” “Not now,” and “Later” for about an hour straight to my son, the eager toddler who can’t stop offering games and toys to me. He doesn’t understand that I’m trying …

He Was A Customer, Part 2


I'm continuing last month's story. You can read Part 1 here. The chore list loomed before me one Saturday in June. As I priced bottle after bottle of Gatorade, Phil waltzed in to the store and …

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