July 31 2014

The Risk of Silence


I’m not blogging this month. Or next month. It seems that right now, I’ve run clear out of things to say. I’m not blogging because for months I was churning out words furiously, sacrificing too …

Give and It Will Come Back to You


"God we BEG YOU!” he cried while pacing the front of our small church sanctuary. It wasn’t often we saw designer suits and Manhattan style in our country town, but here they were. The man …

#flymysweet is Hitting Home


I finally cried.   It wasn’t when she texted me that she had made a decision on school while I was a thousand miles away on a business trip. It wasn’t when we sent her off looking …

Why I can’t read Barbara Brown Taylor


“I know plenty of people who find God most reliably in books, in buildings, and even in other people. I have found God in all of these places too, but the most reliable meeting place …

Why I Think You Should (Sometimes) Ignore Your Children


I am a contemplative Christian. But I am not the kind with a cloister. I'm not even the kind with a door that locks. I'm the kind with a toddler who gets into the trash. …

Those Who Are Not Like Us


“Does everyone have their wristbands? You can’t get in without a wristband!” It was an unusually clear day in downtown Los Angeles, where I was standing outside the Japanese American History museum, using my stern mom …

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