How To Fall In Love Every Day


This is a story about a marriage. It begins with a divorce lawyer, and it ends in a yurt on a rugged hillside in Idaho. Off the grid. And with no running water. I’ll tell you now, though, …

We Are Building New Bridges


They are building a new bridge in Portland. For months, as I drive to work in the morning, I have watched the two halves arc towards each other across the river. The pieces of the bridge still …

The Recovery Room: On Tulip Bulbs and Recovery


Welcome to the Recovery Room, where we consider the process of coming clean from the addictions that bind. For me, it's alcohol. For you, perhaps it's pills, or cutting, or eating, or not eating, or theology. …


May 26 2014

War Zone


I can't find the discipline to look away. My eyes equally petrified and singularly drawn to the carnage. The wounded cast off to the side, screaming for acknowledgment of their lives and their gashes. The …

Trial by fire – no really, Trial by Fire.


There were days in my pastoral life when I wanted to chuck it. Days when politics and personalities joined forces to quench the Spirit, when trivia took up more space on the calendar than truth, …

The Inches We Need: A Baseball Story


Everywhere Around Us Last year, on a typical Saturday afternoon in America, in April, I witnessed a remarkable failure: my 11-year-old son’s baseball team blew a nine-run lead in the final inning. Up 11-2, the Pirates …

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