February 25 2014

Lord, Lord


Author’s Note: As an exercise, I re-wrote the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) in “socially acceptable” language--a sort of modern version. I was surprised at how convicted I was (and which parts were the …

Oscar Week Reflections: How Religious Is Gravity?


  The Academy Awards are this weekend, and most critics think this year will mark one of the closest Best Picture races in quite awhile, with 12 Years a Slave and Gravity as the front-runners. I’m …

The Justice Conference–Love in Community


I didn’t want to go to The Justice Conference. You can ask my roommates; I complained about it from the time I signed up until Multnomah asked me to write about it here on Deeper …

Girls, Modesty-Shaming, and Jesus Feminism


Slut-shaming. It's a weird backlash to feminist expressions of power when a woman embraces her sexuality. I hate it all, really. It stresses me out trying to figure out whether it's better to support that expression of …


February 24 2014

Sing Us A Song


  The walls are lined with pink upholstered chairs but few of us are sitting. We've circled around a shared past on one end of the room, refusing to admit that our feet are sore from …


February 21 2014

Inhabiting Fear


I did not know terror until May 10, 2013. On that day, I ran, as usual, under the highway, along the path and to the north. I had logged many miles on this route. I had …

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