A Non-Anxious Presence at the Helm


“Due to the size and the anticipated path of this storm, a voluntary evacuation is now being issued for New Orleans," the mayor announced. “We will take questions at the end of the conference. For …


April 15 2014



  What is it about sun and sand and surf that is salve for a wounded soul? Beyond the jumpstart of vitamin D production, there's something transcendent about the ocean, something therapeutic in its rhythms, something …

wherever i’m with you


I practically lived at the neighbors' blue house growing up. I'd get there early enough on Saturdays to watch PeeWee's Playhouse (unless of course, I'd woken up there) and can't begin to count the hours …

why do the heathen rage? [or notes on a christian bookshop].


I find the shop on the road to a meeting of friends many months in the making, weeks in planning. My single windshield wiper lamely smears the mountain drizzle on my side of things, not …

When Your Child Isn’t Perfect*


When she was 18 months old, she knew the names of all the butterflies at the zoo exhibit and could enumerate the differences between a butterfly and a moth. At 2, I asked her to …


April 10 2014

What a Woman Is Worth


It began with a question even before I was born. Just a swell in my mother’s belly, I was punched by a hand that was meant to hold me. I was not even here yet, and …

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