March 31 2014

The Man in the Center


My parents tell me I used to sit and turn the pages in the My Good Shepherd Bible Story Book illustrated by Richard Hook and when I'd get to page 148, I would always cry. …

When Christian Women Cheat or Kinda Sorta Want To


It's hard to write this, I'll admit it.  I wrote an article about, um, yeah, cheating that was recently published in the book, Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank about Faith.  We wanted to …

Punk Rock Jesus in a Pop Song World


Upon finding myself alone, high in the hill country of the Lake District surrounded by sheep, I listened. And what did I hear? Silence. The kind of silence that reminds you how loud and obnoxious your life …

Iced Tea, Decaf and the World Changing on Its Axis


The California sunlight was angling in the window, scattering itself, checker-board style, across the shiny surface of our table. I could feel its warmth on that crisp fall day as she and I visited, chattering …

It Seems a Cruel Thing For God To Do


Sometime soon after we acknowledged things were falling apart, and quite a bit before I close the shades, narrowing their slits like dragon eyes, I drive the four-wheeler up into the hillside, up through the …

The Old Girl’s Funeral


I saw him there at the end of the bar. The lights hung low and I sidled up next to him, nervous and looking around for anyone I might recognize. I didn’t even know what …

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