Waiting for Permission


"I guess I'm pretty fucked up," I tell him. "I'm still waiting around for permission to believe the truth." It had been one of those weeks where everything I read made me angry. I wanted to …


May 19 2014

Son of a beach


  Remember when you were a babe in Christ? When you stood at the edge of this overwhelming sea of mercy and grace and rescue and were mesmerized? It was beautiful and endless and so simple …

When Christians Fall


We sat together in her dorm room, an elegant cinder block boxes that represented the move from child to adult if adults live in barracks of youthful shenanigans. Her campus and mine were separated by …

Before You Get Off This Bathroom Floor


To the single woman on the day you find out you’re pregnant: You’re sitting on the cold bathroom floor, eyes wide, heart pounding, hands trembling with a positive test bearing two pink lines indicating that yes, …


May 15 2014

On the Edge


The sharp pieces are poking me rather a lot these days. I’m feeling my own edges in just about every way I can think of during this spring of 2014. It seems to be a …

The Seeker and The Miracle


There was this time when my faith was in crisis, when I questioned if I had ever truly believed what I had professed for as long as I could remember. It was a defining, depressing, dark …

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