October 22 2012

Lately I have been pondering grace.

And truth.

But mostly grace.

I wonder if I truly appreciate it.

If I believe I deserve it.

If I bestow it as I should.

If I really understand its implications on how I am called to love others.

If I can comprehend something so unending, something so undeserving, and something so uncontainable.

And if I can grasp how You put all the muck, all the brokenness, {the words, the lies, the fear, the anger, the jealousy, the greed, the selfishness} aside and makes things beautiful. Beautiful. {credit: All Sons & Daughters, “Brokenness Aside”}

I watch how You work.

I see You how transform.

I marvel at how You redeem our souls, and our situations.

And as I ponder this grace, I know that my only hope lies in immersing myself in it until I too am beautiful.

Lindsey recently moved back to Nashville to join Food for the Hungry as Director of Speaker and Strategic Partnerships and to be a part of the grace-filled community at Cross Point Community Church.



  1. Wow Lindsey!!

    I’ve just been writing about Grace… Writing and pondering.
    Will we ever fully comprehend?
    Understand the magnitude of this?

    I always saw it as grace showered upon me, till i had to witness it showered on someone I didn’t think deserved it… Oh Boy!! That was a major pickle…

    Grace… A never ending story, right?

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Lindsay – about a beautiful concept/gift/reality. Thanks.


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