Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

“Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”  is a popular quote from John C. Maxwell – a motivational speaker, business leader, and career coach.

If you have a dream to accomplish a project or to do anything, it won’t work unless you do the necessary tasks or activities, that will make the dream come true.

This is a true statement of fact.

There are lots of reasons why your mere dreams won’t become a reality unless you take steps that would lead to their accomplishments.

Keep reading to learn more about this and how you can help yourself in making your dreams come true in life.


What are dreams?

Dreams mean different things to different people. They are simply a series of mental pictures or images occurring during sleep.

They can also be described as imaginative thoughts indulged while awake.

Another definition reveals that a dream is a fantastic but vain hope which is induced by substances like drug, alcohol, sleep, etc.

In the context of the article, we have to describe dreams as strong and cherished desires, ambitions, aspirations or goals.

A dream is also a vivid mental image or imagination which is described as a vision.

So, we have a dream if we desire to become something like a doctor, astronaut, entrepreneur, or a soldier in the future.

This also applies when we decide to accomplish a specific project or task in a specific period.

Now, how do we accomplish a dream? Well, that dream will not work unless we do.


Reasons Why Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

As said earlier, “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do”  is a popular quote from John C. Maxwell – a motivational speaker, business leader, and career coach.

It is one thing to dream but it is another thing entirely to accomplish the dream. Nevertheless, unless we work, that dream will not work.

Dream and action are two vital parts of any great achievement, and so without action, that dream will remain just a daydream.

I completely agree with the school of thought that states that dreams don’t work unless you do. Here are my reasons:

  • The dream is like your final destination, and until you know how to get there, you will end up going round and round.

A road leads to somewhere, and you need to follow the right road to arrive at your preferred destination.

  • Your dream will not magically happen because you think it over and over. You action steps to make it happen.

If you dream to pass an examination, without reading to pass the exam and sitting in the exam hall to write the exams, you are not a candidate for success.

  • Dreams don’t get accomplished automatically. They are the products of hard work, discipline, and consistent action.
  • Dreams are fuelled by work or action. You need an action plan to accomplish your dream.
  • Dreams may not be easy to accomplish, there are lots of challenges on the path of their fulfillment.

However, if you quit, then you have become a 100% failure.

So, focus on the benefits of your dream and you will find it easy to accomplish.


Tips to accomplish your dreams

The following are workable tips that can help you to accomplish your dreams.

1. Believe in your dream

The first thing you do when it comes to achieving your dream is to believe in that dream.

Yes, if you believe that you are going to achieve your dream, then it becomes easier to get motivated and achieve the dream.

You will easily accomplish what you want by the passion that builds up when you believe.

It makes no sense having a dream that you don’t even believe in or don’t even believe can come true. It’s just like having a dream to become a professional basketball player when you are under 5 feet tall.

That’s not a realistic dream that you can believe in.


2. Make a plan and write down your goal, vision on a paper

Achieving your dream requires that you make a clear plan.

If the plan of your dream is clear, it becomes easier to accomplish.

Besides, a clear plan makes you less confused about what to do and how to do it.

Write a clear plan and take steps necessary to take that will help you achieve your dream.


3. Don’t dream for too long  but take immediate action

You must take action steps if you want to achieve your dreams. However, the action must be fast.

The situation doesn’t need to be perfect before you do what you are supposed to do.

A little action takes you closer to your dreams.

So, don’t just dream for too long, you start taking effective actions that will help you achieve the goal faster.

Some people make the mistake of dreaming all the time without taking any actions. That’s not going to work at all. Dreams are definitely not enough on their own.


4. Take it slow and don’t rush the dream process

Every dream that needs to be accomplished takes a process. The process is the system of action.

There is no point rushing the process if you must achieve the dream.

Following due process makes your dreams to be authentic.

Discipline is required to stick with every process that is needed to achieve a dream.

So, you must take advantage to follow the process, avoid shortcuts, and never rush the process if you must achieve your dream authentically.


5. Don’t quit if you are tired amid challenges

The process of achieving your dreams many not be easy.

A lot of challenges or oppositions may come your way, but you need to stay firm. Don’t quit amid challenges.

Use every challenge as a stepping stone or building block for getting what you want. The challenges you face will make you strong.

Refresh your steps and you will achieve your dreams faster.



Dreams don’t come true except you do. This popular quote from John Maxwell is an eye-opener for everyone that wants to accomplish anything.

If you don’t take the right actions, you will not succeed with your dream.

So, I have highlighted the reasons why I think that dreams come true when we do a thing.

They don’t get accomplished automatically.

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