EarnHoney Review

EarnHoney is a platform that rewards members for doing what they already love doing for free.

You can choose this platform if you are looking for a website or an app that will give you the opportunity to earn or make money by the side. 

There are lots of things you need to know about EarnHoney. One of these things is the fact that the site claims that you can earn 3x faster than any other rewards sites. 

This big claim can inspire you to take action so you can actually start faster than what obtains in other online rewards sites or apps. 

This post is a detailed review of the EarnHoney platform. 

Here is everything you must know about this platform. You will also get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about EarnHoney. 


What is EarnHoney? 

EarnHoney is a get-paid-to website or app. It rewards members with virtual currencies or points known as OPTin coins for completing specific tasks. 

It is also a fun place to earn online rewards. You can earn three times faster or more than what you earn from other rewards site.

The things you already do that can earn you rewards from EarnHoney include: 

  • Taking surveys,
  • Playing games, 
  • Shopping for deals,
  • Watching videos, 
  • Completing offers,
  • Downloading apps,
  • Enter HoneyCodes, and
  • Refer friends, etc.

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EarnHoney was founded in 2015. It is operated by Bay Bee LLC which is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Although this platform is one of the new entrants into the GPT market, it has grown to be ranked as one of the top two sites to earn money in your spare time.


Who can use EarnHoney?

If you are in the US then you are eligible to use EarnHoney. The EarnHoney site states that it is available to visitors from the United States only. 

However, you can still use this site if you live in Canada or in the United Kingdom since the platform is working on increasing advertising partnerships in those countries. 

The more new markets that are opened the more partnerships that would be explored, and the more people that would be acceptable to those countries.  

Users must be at least 14 years! 

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How do you register with EarnHoney? 

Registration to the EarnHoney platform is free. When you visit the website, click on the Signup button. You will be taken to a pop-up registration page. Follow these steps: 

  • Fill in your email address
  • Fill in a password to be used in your EarnHoney account and confirm the password
  • check the “Yes, I have agreed to the terms of use & privacy policy box
  • check the “Yes, I have registration code ( if have any) box
  • You can also check the ‘I’m not a robot’ or reCAPTCHA box. 
  • Click on the “Register” button 
  • As a new member, you can receive 2.00 OPTin to sign up. 
  • You can also register using your Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. 

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How to Earn With EarnHoney

EarnHoney provides users with the opportunity to earn OPTin Coins after completing various tasks. The different ways to earn are explained below: 

1. You earn by watching videos 

You can click on the “Watch and Earn” link on the “Earn” section of your dashboard.

Take the following steps to earn: 

  • Select a video displayed on the platform to watch. You can choose from entertainment, automotive, humor, health, Wellness, gardening, and other videos. 
  • You will also see available OPTin offers for each video. 
  • The video will start immediately but for some videos, you may have to wait for some time until the video the starts. 
  • You will earn the available offers each time you complete watching the video. For instance, if the video you have chosen is a Buzz TV: Auto reviews video with a 0.02 OPTins as a reward, then your account would be credited with 0.02 OPTins after you watch the video.
  • The counter or account balance will increase each time you complete watching a video.
  • Some videos will take you straight to the partner site where can watch the video and once you are done, you will receive your OPTin coins. 


2. You earn by completing Offers  

Completing offers is another way to earn money from EarnHoney. You will find several offers from time to time. 

The offers could be anything from asking you to shop, download a game, and complete trials of products, etc. 

Some offers take you directly to partners’ websites to complete, and after which you earn extra money.

To start earning by Offers follow these steps: 

  • Click on the offers section 
  • Select the partners’ offer. This could be any activity like playing games like “spot the difference”, answering quizzes, testing some products, register for services, sign up for trials, and so on. 
  • Follow the instructions and once you complete a specific offer you earn the offered OPTin coins. 

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3. You earn by taking Surveys

You can give your opinion about topics, ideas, products, etc., and earn rewards. 

You can click on the “Give Opinion” section follow the instructions and get questions for surveys. 

There are more interesting facts you should know about making money with EarnHoney surveys. These include: 

  • Your opinion count and you get paid to share them. 
  • It is important that you check on the new surveys every day because sometimes the demand for surveys would have reached a maximum number of respondents. 
  • You can earn badges that will qualify you for even more lucrative surveys 
  • You will receive 0.5 OPTin immediately for each badge you complete 
  • EarnHoney does not filter nor show new survey opportunities faster based on qualification or quotas. 
  • You can Earn 5 OPTin to 50 OPTin for each survey. 

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4. You earn by playing games 

With EarnHoney, you can also earn rewards by playing games. 

You get to click on the play game section and be presented with a variety of fun games. 

You can test your ingenuity in the fun game. You can earn for downloading a game or for winning a game. 


5. You earn by referring or inviting friends

You can also earn OPTin coins when you invite a friend to join and use EarnHoney. You will receive 10% for life of what your referrals earn. 

OPTin Coin will automatically be credited to your account by the 5th day of the following month. 

You can use the referral code on your dashboard when you click on the “Invite” link. 

The code can be shared on your email, social media platform, blog posts, websites, or other platforms where you make friends. 

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6. You earn by using the HoneyCodes 

According to the website, HoneyCodes are codes that can be redeemed, and they are found in many of the places where you visit: Email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc. 

Enter the HoneyCode and click on the Redeem button. 


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