How to Get Free Diapers

Yes, it’s possible to get completely free diapers and this article tells you all about it.

It also shows you the exact ways you can take advantage of, to get diapers for your baby for free.

No doubts about it, taking care of a new baby is not a child’s play, forgive the pun.

A lot of money will definitely get spent on buying baby foods, clothes, medications, and other necessary supplies.

Diapers are among the items that eat deep into the pocket of a new parent.

Yes, a lot of money could be spent on diapers in the first two or more years of a child’s life.

And depending on how things are for you, it can be pretty tough surviving the early days, especially if life is really hard for you and your partner at the time.

However, you can get diapers for free instead of buying.

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What are diapers?

free diapers

We all obviously know what diapers are, but for those who don’t, a diaper is a garment that consists of a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist. It is worn by infants to catch excrement and urine.

Wikipedia defines a diaper as a type of underwear that allows the wearer to urinate or defecate without the use of a toilet, by absorbing or containing waste products to prevent the soiling of outer clothing or the external environment.

A diaper is of two types:

  • Disposable – not reusable.
  • Disposable – can be reused.


Places and ways to get free diapers

Below are some of the places and ways you can start taking advantage of, to get your baby diapers for free:


1. Diaper Banks like the National Diaper Bank Network  

Diaper banks are charitable organizations that get donations of unused diapers in their community. They also get donations of money.

The donations they get are used to help poor and low-income families who can’t afford to buy their babies’ diapers.

You can check out any diaper bank in your area to get free diapers.

The mission of most of the diaper banks in the US is to ensure that no child goes without a clean diaper.

One of the best platforms to access free diapers is the National Diaper Bank Network. This organization has a mission to end diaper need in America.

This organization partners with local agencies to alleviate diaper need.

Click here to check out the National Diaper Bank Network

Other diaper banks and similar organizations you can check out include:

  • Second Congregational Church Diaper Bank, in Connecticut

  • The Diaper Bank, New Haven, Connecticut

  • The Diaper Bank of Greater Atlanta

  • Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona

  • Allston Brighton Baby Diaper Bank Program

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2. Ask Your Local Hospital or Doctor’s Office

Visit your local hospital and ask your family doctor for a free diaper. In most hospitals or doctor’s offices, there are free diaper samples from brands who want to introduce their products to the market.

The doctors can give you free diapers from their sample collections.

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3. Get a Free Trial of Diaper Samples

You can get free diapers if you order a free trial of diaper samples from some brands.

How this works is that you sign up with the brand’s website and get a free diaper sample in exchange for reviews.

You may need to be screened by the website or a third party website which is promoting the product.

Another approach is to become a product tester and get free baby stuff from top brands.

Examples of companies that give out free samples of diapers in exchange for reviews on the products include: P&G   and Honest Company

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4. Combine Coupons and Sales to Get Free Diapers

You can get free diapers when you combine coupons you got from local papers with sales at a local store.

The clipped coupons can be applied at checkout when you buy diapers.

You will get affordable or free diapers after taking this step.

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5. Get Free Diapers by Mail

You can get free diapers from newsletters and emails you receive from your inbox.

Of course, before doing this, you must sign up for several newsletters related to pregnant and nursing moms in the past.

The free samples usually come from brands that are ready to convert expectant or nursing moms as their customers.


6. Take advantage of Rewards and Loyalty Programs from diaper brands

You can take advantage of several rewards programs offered by brands or companies that produce diapers.

Huggies Rewards Program and the Pampers Rewards program are among the popular loyalty programs which guarantee free diapers to users.

You can participate in any of the programs and get your free diapers cheaply.

For instance, the Pampers Rewards program is also known as “Pampers Gifts to Grow” gives you points when you buy diapers that you can redeem for free diapers eventually.

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7. Enroll with the Amazon Family

You will get free diapers if you join the Amazon Family.

Here, Amazon Prime members are offered exclusive family-oriented offers, coupons, freebies, and age-based recommendations.

You can get 20% off your diaper subscription.

This is in addition to the 15% completion discount you will receive after signing up for the Amazon baby registry.

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8. Register with Diaper Companies to Get Free Diapers

You can free diapers from the companies that manufacture them. All you need do is signup with these companies on their websites.

When you do, they may send you free diapers or coupons to promote their brand of diapers and to entice you into buying their products.

The best diapers companies you can sign up with include:

  • Bambo Nature

  • GoodNites

  • Huggies

  • Luvs

  • Pampers

  • Seven Generation

  • The Honest Co.

9. Enter free sweepstakes to win money and free baby stuff

Many companies do a lot of things to promote their products.

One of the things that these companies do to promote their products is the running of sweepstakes and contests.

You can participate in a sweepstake and win a cash prize or free baby stuff like diapers.

From time to time, check out the websites of diaper brands or through a third-party website.

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As this article has shown you, getting Free diapers is indeed possible and you can get started with the ways talked about here.

Now it’s up to you to look at the right place or way, from the many listed here, to get what you want without paying a dime.


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