Where to Get Free Makeup Samples… without paying a dime

Yes, it’s indeed possible to get free makeup samples these days.

This article shows you the exact websites you can use to get not just make up samples but also beauty and cosmetic product samples, completely free.

free makeup samples

1. Target Sample Boxes  

Target Sample Boxes are offered by – the popular retailer. These are freebies and samples offers of various items including beauty and cosmetics.

Although you don’t actually get this box for free, it should be considered as freebies or free samples since the cost of the items inside the box is far more valuable than the price of the box.

For instance, you can get a full box of sampled beauty products from Target for $10, when in actuality the box contains items that are worth $30.

So, check out the Target website to access free samples of beauty and cosmetics products via the Target Sample Boxes.


2. Redbook Club Panel 

Redbook is a popular American women magazine. It frequently publishes fiction and non-fiction.

It is known to publish useful articles on female beauty, body, life, love and healthy eating.

This magazine has a consumer panel that tests products so that the feedback can be used for product development.

If you join the Redbook Club panel, you can access free samples of beauty and cosmetics products.

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3. Freebies Depot  

Freebies Depot is a website where you can get boxes of freebies and samples. You can also get 100% cash back on items you buy through the “FREEbates” section.

If you are searching for beauty and cosmetics product samples, then you should take advantage of this features of the website.

It reveals to you the retailers, stores, or brands that are currently offering freebies or free samples of their products.

By clicking the red “Get It Now” button of Freebies Depot you will be taken to the place where you can get your products.

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4. Walmart Sample Boxes  

Walmart Sample Boxes are offered to subscribers every season – winter, spring, summer and fall. If you want free samples of beauty and cosmetics products then you can subscribe to the Walmart Sample Boxes.

Once you sign up, a hand-selection of in-season products that fits your profile will be sent to you free. You will only need to pay for the shipping, which is a flat rate of $5.

After using or testing the product, you may have to complete a survey and share your experience. Remember, the samples of products sent to you will be dependent on your profile.

So, sign up for Walmart Beauty Box if you are interested in beauty and cosmetics samples.

Also, you can get a new box every three months – or at the onset of a new season.

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5. PINCHme

PINCHme is website that frequently sends you free samples for your opinion. Yes, you get the sample and tell them what you think.

You can sign up with Pinch Me and they will match you with the right samples. You can then pick your samples on Sample Day and add them to your PINCHme box. You then give your opinion on the product.

This is an opportunity for you to access beauty and cosmetics samples for free. The good thing about PINCHme is that the samples are from products and brands you love.

You can sign up with Facebook or email.

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6. Mr. Free Stuff  

Mr. Free Stuff is website which offers you the opportunity to test out health and beauty products before you shell out your hard-earned money to buy them.

You will access free samples of makeup, shampoo, creams, mascara, etc, as promoted by top beauty and cosmetics brands.

You have to click on the yellow “Get it Free Now” button to access pages or stores where you can get your free samples.

Mr. Free Stuff also offers great coupon deals on grocery as well as birthday freebies. You can sign up with this site and have your inbox filled with latest freebies and free samples every week.

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7. Toluna  

Toluna is a survey and product testing website. You can get free samples of beauty and cosmetics products from this website if you participate in its product testing.

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Once you sign up, you will be invited to receive free test products by email. You will be rewarded for sharing your opinion and you get to keep the sampled products.

So, take advantage of Toluna’s product testing opportunities and increase your chance of getting free samples of beauty products.

People are even using the get paid to take surveys aspects of Toluna to make money while retired and women are also using this to make money while pregnant.


8. InStyle Trendsetters  

InStyle Trendsetters is a place where women can share their thoughts, opinions and preferences on a variety of style topics from fashion to beauty to home décor.

They also have opportunities to evaluate brand new products.

You can become an InStyle Trendsetters’ panelists and get free samples of beauty and cosmetics products to test.

After completion of the test or study, you can also be entered into the InStyle Trendsetters Quarterly Panel Sweepstakes.

This will give you with the opportunity win great prizes.

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free cosmetics and beauty samples



Get It Free is place you can find lots of freebies and samples. For beauty and cosmetics products enthusiasts, Get It Free comes handy to access or find samples of your ideal products.

You can also access freebies, coupons, sweepstakes and money saving deals from this site.

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10. Allure Beauty Enthusiast Panel

Allure Beauty Enthusiast Panel is a consumer testing panel which frequently provides you with free samples of beauty and cosmetics products to share.

You get to test the sampled products and give your feedback.

You can also be entered in a sweepstakes to win cash or get free products for free after joining.

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Sample a Day is a place where you can access free samples of different products including beauty and cosmetics products. You can access these products from the various links on the site.

You can also get coupons and giveaway deals from them. On a daily basis, you get updates of free sample products from your favorite brands with no catch.

It is important that you note the expiration of the free samples or deals as new ones are offered daily.

Other free sample sites can also be accessed via this site.


12. Free Sample Monkey  

Free Sample Monkey is a place you can go to and access freebies and samples. You will find different deals on products that include beauty and cosmetics.

This website is more like an aggregate site where free samples on the Internet are aggregated. You may have to use this features of the website to find your best deals.


13. FreeBirthdayTreats  

FreeBirthdayTreats is a website where you get great discount deals from products you want to use on your birthday. If you want to sample beauty and cosmetics products, this website comes in handy.

So, access this site today and grab your birthday freebies.


14. Free Stuff Finder  

Free Stuff Finder allows you to access free stuff, coupons and money saving deals. You can access the features of this website to get free stuff that include samples of beauty and cosmetics products.

You can get free sample deals from top stores like Kohl’s, Target, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon, etc. Just click on the free stuff section and then access the product you want.


15. The Pink Panel  

The Pink Panel is a consumer panel that offers FREE beauty products to those who participate in their tests. The panel also pays and rewards users who access their products on social media.

Most of the beauty testing opportunities of this panel is carried out on Facebook. So, one other way to really access free beauty and cosmetics samples is by becoming a member of The Pink Panel.


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