How and Where to Get Free School Supplies

School supplies can eat into the yearly budget of an average parent. People with low-income or those from impoverished neighborhoods can get free supplies from some organizations, places, and steps.

This would work like magic and drastically help to cut the costs of sending their kids to school every year.

It is good to know that some steps and programs can be adopted to get free school supplies.

That said, here is a quick list of how to get free school supplies.


What are the school supplies?

School supplies are those items that are used in school. There are basically for learning.

A typical list of school supplies will include textbooks, notebooks, pens, backpacks, eraser, pencils, markers, paper, calculators, glue, and folders.

The items may also include school uniforms, shoes, desks, chairs, and so on.

free school supplies

School supplies are of different types. Some are meant for the or school or teachers while others are meant for just the students or pupils.

There are also supplies meant for specific classes and different school grades, and you can check out school Thus, you can access school supplies for junior, middle, and high school.


Why free school supplies

Impoverished parents who cannot afford basic school supplies will welcome the idea of getting these items for free.

Free school supplies can still be appreciated by parents with enough resources who don’t want to waste money when they can get things for free.


Where to find free school supplies

If you are interested in getting free school supplies, the following are ways and where you can find these items.

* Check out free supply programs in your locality

You can check out free school supplies in your local area. There may be organizations or programs that host school supplies and giveaways near you.

Take advantage of these programs and save money for school supplies.

In the United States, organizations like Back 2 School Illinois, and Operation School Bell provides free school supplies to impoverished children in the area.

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1. Charitable Organizations

Many charitable organizations regularly provide free school supplies to children. Most of these organizations have been doing this for a very long time. They may organize events to collect and distribute free school supplies to kids.

Examples of these organizations include:

So, you can check out any charitable organizations near you to find out if you can access free school supplies.

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2. Backpack Programs

You find free school supplies from Backpack programs. These are programs offer free school materials and backpacks to children low-income households.

A very good example of this program is offered by The Kids in Need Foundation. This foundation offers two types of school supplies programs.

One of them provides kids with school supplies through community-sponsored events and the other one provides school supplies to children affected by natural disasters.

This organization also provides free supplies to students at high-need schools as well as dozens of free teacher resource centers nationwide throughout the year.

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3. Religious Organizations

Churches and other religious organizations can provide you with free school supplies. You can call or contact these organizations for help with school supplies.

Most of them organize school supply drives during the back-to-school season. So, during this time, take consider contacting anyone you know in these religious organizations to help you with free supplies.

It is important that you know that you don’t have to be a member of the religious organization to enjoy free school supplies.

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4. School Supply Swap

You can host a school supply swap where you get to exchange the school supplies your children need for this school year. You can put up a flyer to advertise your swap.

This is an effective way of getting free school supplies because the items your kids did not use in the previous school year are easily swapped for those they would need in this season.

So, in the swap program, bring your new or gently used school supplies and swap them for something else that may include books, clothing, etc.

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5. Ask Brands for free school supply samples

You can ask brands for free school supplies. You can take advantage of the following steps to get free school supplies from brands:

  • Make a checklist of the school supplies you need.
  • Find companies in your area that make or sell those products on your list.
  • Connect with social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Typically, companies link to their social media channels from their website.
  • Contact the brands and ask about getting free school supplies samples by mail or coupons.

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6. Call the Local media

You can call the local media near you for any programs, events, organizations or businesses where you can have access to free school supplies.

Check out Newspapers, radio and TV stations, city magazines, and online publications. Media houses may have coverage of events where free school supplies are provided.

You can check them out for information about any free school supply giveaways.

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7. Check out your school District

You can check out your child’s school for any information about events or programs for free school supplies. The administrator can direct you to any available options.

Apart from the above options, you can check out these following websites to access free school supplies.

8. Adopt a Classroom

9. Donors Choose

10. Mead4Teachers






There are many places where you can get free school supplies, especially if life is hard for you. Many of the ways listed are can work for just about anyone who is serious about getting their school supplies for free.


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