How To Get Free Stickers

Yes, there are really genuine ways to get free stickers.

Many companies send out their stickers to individuals or groups for free. Of course, they would do this on your request. In most cases, companies mail stickers to boost their publicity.

The Recipients of stickers also have their own reasons for requesting for specific stickers.

Some keep stickers as collectibles, while others simply want the stickers to fulfill their business or personal purposes.

Whatever be the reason for requesting free stickers, the truth is that there are hundreds of brands, retailers, or companies that send free stickers regularly.

If you are interested in collecting stickers for personal or commercial usage, there are best ways to get them.

These ways imply you take advantage of the offers of companies that send stickers for free.

That said, this article talks about stickers and how companies send them to those who request them.

It also talks about the best ways to really get free stickers.

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What is a sticker?

Just so we are talking about the same thing, a sticker is a piece of paper, vinyl, plastic or other materials with an adhesive that can be fastened to a surface.

It is also a type of label with a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. Stickers are used for decorating surfaces or for functional purposes depending on the purpose for which they were received.

They come in different shapes and sizes, and also of different designs and colors.

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Stickers are gummed to surfaces or items like cars, walls, books, electronics appliances, furniture, windows, and so on.

You will note that some stickers are easily removed from the surface they were pasted, while some stickers adhere permanently.

Brands produce stickers as part of their promotional strategy, and they can be distributed as part of political campaigns.

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Why you get free stickers from companies

If you are interested in getting free stickers then you would want to consider the companies, institutions or websites that really give free stickers.

The good thing is that there are lots of companies out there that offer free stickers on request.

free stickers

You can contact these companies for free stickers by registering on their site with your email and contact address.

Some sites will ask you to send a stamped self-addressed envelope to get your free sticker.

How you get a free sticker from place to another vary. Nevertheless, you should not worry as to what you would do before getting the freebies.

The tasks are easy and simple and could be completed in just a few minutes.

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Best Ways to get free stickers

Below are the very best ways to request stickers completely free:


1. AFTCO (American Fish and Tackle)

AFTCO is a company that sells quality performance sportswear for men, women, and kids.

You should check out AFTCO for their free stickers.

You get the free stickers from them by simply subscribing to their email list.

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2. Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Association is a non-profit organization that promotes awareness to end Alzheimer’s awareness.

The charity prints “End of Alzheimer’s Starts with me” stickers.

Get these stickers and use them to take action in your neighborhood or workplace to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.

You display a commitment to the cause by encouraging those around you to donate $5 and to Alzheimer’s disease.

Request for the stickers for free after filling out a form.

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3. AMKS 

AMKS is short for Autism Moms Know Safety. This is an organization that works for people with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and that are not able to identify the dangers of ASD.

AMKS sends out an autism safety kit at your request. This kit contains 15 different items that include badges, pins, and stickers, etc.

You can download a PDF from which you can print out your stickers.


4. Annie’s 

Annie’s is a well-known food company that specializes in providing processed organic food.

The company promotes healthy living through organic foods. Its popular big sellers include Cheddar Bunnies and the Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

It also offers free stickers on request through its official website.

There are five different types of stickers to choose from.

Fill an online form and request for free stickers from this company.

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5. Apple 

Apple is the well known top computer and smartphone maker. It sends out free stickers in the form of decals to businesses only. Of course, this is on request.

If you have a related business, then put an Apple Pay decal on your storefront window and checkout area, so your customers will know you accept Apple Pay.


6. Backcountry   

Backcountry is a company that specializes in the manufacture of outdoor clothing.

Most people that love outdoor activities like skiing, biking, hiking, running, and so on, use the sportswear and gears from this company.

You can request for free stickers with the Backcountry logo. These stickers are also known as the GOAT stickers.

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7. Bayview Prep  

Bayview Prep is a Tampa Bay, Florida based clothing company. It is known to provide clothes inspired by Florida fashion.

This online clothing retailer also offers free stickers on request. If you make a request, you are expected to upload the sticker on Instagram and tag Bayview Prep.

This action enables the company to know how you put their free stickers to use.


8. Be More Stoked                 

Be More Stoked is an online platform that promotes videos, photography, marketing content, creative writing, and so on.

You can get free stickers from this website if you make a request. Send a self-addressed, stamped enveloped to its Idaho address.

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9. Believe in the Word           

Believe in the Word is a Christian ministry. It has a passion for re-establishment and profession of Biblically correct Christian doctrine.

You can get free stickers of this ministry with the words “I believe”.

The ministry will mail you free of charge two window/bumper stickers to your unique address.

All orders are sent via First Class mail.

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10. Blue Chip Wrestling         

Blue Chip Wrestling sells wrestling sportswear and shoes. It also promotes and sells NCAA-fan gear.

You can get free stickers from this company if you are a wrestling fan or a National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) fan.

Fill an online form to request for free stickers.


11. Burton Snowboards         

Burton is a company that makes snowboards and snowboard accessories. You can buy clothes, boots, outwear, and backpacks for snowboards.

At your request, Burton Snowboards will send you free stickers. You only need to send them a self-addressed stamped envelope. Both U.S. and Canadian residents can take advantage of this offer.


12. Visit Cherry Grove

Visit Cherry Grove is a website that promotes Cherry Grove, which is a neighborhood of the city of North Myrtle Beach in Horry County, South Carolina, United States.

Cherry Grove is a vacation location.

You will find information about Cherry Grove’s beaches, its vacation rentals and real estate. You will also find tips on things to do when you visit here.

You can get free stickers to show off your favorite area of Cherry Grove Beach on your wall, car, sports gear, and so on.

Simply send them your information and a 2″ sticker would be sent to you.

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13. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology 

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a website that helps to interpret and conserve the earth’s biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds.

You can get frequent stickers about birds from this site. The “I love Birds” decal is a popular free sticker offered by this website.

Fill an online form to receive this sticker when it is available.


14. Cotopaxi       

Cotopaxi is a well-known seller of activewear for outdoor activities. The online store sells T-shirts, jackets, shorts, tank tops, and so on.

You can get free Ilama sticker, which is the company’s logo when you fill the sticker request form.

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15. Dakine          

Dakine is a sporting goods website. It sells different types of sports apparel like boat shorts, bike shorts, totes, bags, travel kits, and other accessories for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and skating.

You will get free stickers from Dakine if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to this address:


Attn: Sticker Request

603 Portway Ave

Hood River, OR 97031


16. Edisto Beach 

Edisto Beach is located in South Carolina, USA. It is a tourist destination and visitors can check out the website to explore various vacation spots on the beach.

Edisto Beach sends the “EB” sticker free. To get these free stickers, fill an online form and the tourism board will send you free stickers.


17. EVO

EVO is a company that sells fashion apparel and outdoor gear. You can buy a variety of fashion gears from this online retailer.

EVO will send you free stickers for your personal use. Of course, this should be at your request.

To get EVO stickers, join their email newsletter. However, EVO can only ship to Canadian and US residents.


18. Fish Hippie   

Fish Hippie is a company that sells different types of casual and dress items.  It sells comfortable, trendy and easy to wear clothing line.

You can buy baseball caps, performance hoodies, dress shirts, and other outdoor apparel. It would also interest you to know that this company also sells wine.

You can request for free stickers from Fish Hippie by filling an online request form.


19. Five Hour Energy (5 Hour Energy Drink)       

Five Hour Energy is a brand of energy drink.  It is a drink that contains zero sugar, four calories, and caffeine.

This company can send you a logo sticker for free at your request. Use their contact request for free stickers.


20. Fringe Sport 

Fringe Sport is a company known for the sale and supply of gym and fitness accessories. This US-based company will send you a free sticker pack at your request.

All you need is visit the website and fill out the sticker request form.

You should know that sticker Pack request is limited to one per household and it is for a U.S. resident.



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