Get Paid To Chat and 18 Genuine Companies That Really Pay

Yes, you can really get paid to chat from the comfort of your home. And thanks to the Internet, there are now genuine companies that can really make you money chatting online.

If you are someone who loves chatting with others online for free anyhow, this can really be one of those cool hobbies that make you decent money!

This article shows you the really genuine companies out of the many out there that pay you to chat.


1. Appen

Appen provides search engine evaluation services to clients. Google, Bing and other top search engines are clients of this company.

This company has a mission to create a better experience “for customers by improving search engines, social media platforms, ecommerce sites and more.

You can make money doing online chat if you are employed by this company. You will be hired as a search engine evaluator where you will need to evaluate the relevance of search results turned up by the search engines.

The job demands that you share your feedback and opinions via chat.

Appen pays you up to $15 per hour, and you can work at your own flexibility.

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2. Homework Help

Homework Help provides online tutoring classes for students. You can be hired by this company to provide online chat services.

Basically, you will be hired to help students with their academic assignments. Most of the time you use this site, you will need to chat with the students and solve their problems.

Homework Help is suitable for professional teachers who can tutor students in various subjects like English, Math, Politics and Science.

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3. ZeroChaos

ZeroChaos provides search engine evaluation services to clients.  It is a leading integrated workforce management solution provider that helps companies around the world “get the work done.”

You can also be hired as a search engine evaluator and make money doing online chat jobs.

You must be fluent in English and you must have the required college qualification before working in an online chat position.

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Payment for search engine evaluators is around $14 per hour, and you can earn more based on the project you are handling.

So, consider ZeroChaos if you are thinking of an opportunity to make money online with chat.

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get paid to chat



ICUC provides social media moderation services. Its services are geared towards brand safety and protection.

If you have experience as a social moderator then you can start making money chatting for this company.

The moderation job requires you to spend  a lot of time chatting with others on social media.

You can help fix many customer service issues and also help promote the brand’s image on social media.

ICUC pays between $10 and $18 per hour. What you earn will depend on your skills and experience.

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5. Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder is a platform that wants you to provide well researched answers to topics searched by clients.

You can make money by engaging in the research of topics and providing a written summary of your findings.

You will need to use chat software to provide your answers. Thus, this is a job that requires online chat.

With Ask Wonder, you will be earning money for your expertise and research skills. If you are an active researcher, you can make up to $2000 a month for well researched answers to questions.

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6. ModSquad

ModSquad provides you with the opportunity to make money doing online chat jobs.

You become a “Mod” and use your skills to moderate social media for customers or companies.

ModSquad will allow you earn money as you moderate forums, chat with customers, manage social media communities and engage in social media.

On the FAQ page of this platform, it clearly states:

The Mods are a talented network of independent professionals who bring skills, finesse and experience to help companies and organizations engage their audiences across all digital channels, like forums, helpdesks, games, virtual worlds, email, VoIP, live chat and social media.

You can work at your own schedule doing this online chat job and you get paid well!

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7. SiteStaff

SiteStaff provides customers service solutions to businesses. They hire independent contractors as customer service reps who communicate with the customers of clients.

You can sign up with SiteStaff if you want to make money providing an online chat service. You can be hired to offer live chat services and help answer customer questions.

SiteStaff makes you a Chat Host and you will be responsible for assisting customers in questions, sales and support.

You are likely to earn around $10 per hour working with SiteStaff as an online chat agent.

It can be one of those things that make you happy for sure, if you love chatting with others online.


8. Arise

Arise is another genuine company that provides customer service solutions to clients. It ensures that its clients are provided with phone, chat, email, video and social media services.

You can work with this company if you want to make money doing online chat. With Arise, you can use chat tools to provide customer support.

You can work as an independent contractor with Arise. You simply work from a remote location like your home and provide live chat and email services to the clients of this company.

You can work at your own schedule and you will be able to work at least 15 hours/week. In addition, you can earn from $9 up to $19 per hour.

It’s certainly one of those things students can do to make money online.

Even moms can do this to make money online.


9. Pleio-Goodstart

Pleio-Goodstart focuses on helping patients take their prescriptions. It hires call center persons who will make calls and remind patients of their medications.

You can work at your own schedule, monday through saturday. You can also can do online chat jobs with this company and get paid.

The company can pay you from $8 to $30 per hour for reminding patients about their medications.

It’s one of those ways retirees can make money at home online, chatting with and reminding others, including older patients to take their medications.


10. MyLivePro  

MyLivePro is a renowned provider of online chat services for businesses. This company often hires chat agents who are employed part time to help customers get answers to their questions.

As a chat agent with MyLivePro, you can provide customer service, sales and support solutions to customers. Your core duties will be carried out via text chats.

MyLivePro will demand a background check and your typing speed is expected to be at least 30 WPM.

When you work with MyLivePro as an online chat agent, you can expect to earn between $8 and $15 per hour.


11. Needle 

Needle provides online chat jobs to qualified individuals. You can apply with this company and start making money as a “Needler”.

Your responsibility as a Needler or online chat agent will be to chat with customers and help them find the right products when they shop online.

Needle compensates with the points system. Thus, you will earn points for helping customers or shoppers via live chat.

The points you earn can then be redeemed for gift cards or for merchandise. So, the more help you provide, the more points you accumulate and the more rewards you will earn.


12. is renowned for providing technical support for businesses. The support includes customer service, tech support, repairs, advice, sales and billing.

This company hires chat agents who can work from home or from a remote location.

You can apply for an online chat agent job with You responsibilities will include:

  • Interacting with customers in a proficient manner so that their questions are answered.
  • Communicating effectively and providing fast technical directions for customers.
  • You must be a fast and accurate typist who can type 30 to 40 WPM. online chat jobs and similar positions are provided for those who can work remotely.

You can expect to earn around $11 per hour while working with this company.

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13. Talk2Rep 

Talk2Rep hires sales chat agents to work from home and assist customers. You can work with this company and provide customer service for businesses.

Talk2Rep mainly serves telecommunications companies.

If you want to make money online as a chat agent, then you can be hired by Talk2Rep. You can assist customers via chat, email or phone.

You must have a 50 WPM typing speed, excellent communication skills and the ability to conduct research.

You can make around $9-$14/hour.


14. Apple At Home Advisors

Apple often provides customer service positions known as “Apple at Home Advisors”.

You can work as an Apple At Home Advisor and provide answers to questions provided by customers that have contacted Apple.

You will chat online with Apple’s customers and provide assistance about Apple’s products and services.

Basically, you will provide customer service and technical support. The position will require you work at least 20 hours per week. You can earn up to $20 per hour.


15. Convergys

Convergys provides customer service solutions to businesses. From time to time, it provides positions as customer service agents who provide sales and technical support to customers.

You can make money with this company if you are hired as an online chat agent. You will get to use chat tools to communicate and solve customers’ problems. The position may also allow you to utilize phone and email services.

The job can be done from the comfort of your home, pays hourly wages and may include additional benefits.

Regular online chat positions may earn around $9 per hour. If you are providing technical support then you should expect to earn around $12 per hour.


16. LivePerson

LivePerson provides customer support services to clients. It hires independent contractors or home based workers for online chat positions.

You can make money online by applying to the customer service positions. Your responsibilities will include providing solutions to customers via email or chats.

Working with LivePerson means you can work from any remote location and get paid. This is another company you should consider to make money with online, even at night.


17. Televated

Televated is a company that provides call center solutions to its clients or businesses. It has job positions open for chat agents who can provide customer care service to customers.

The specific roles of the jobs provided by Televated varies. Nevertheless, call center solutions involve using the phone, email, and chat to communicate with customers and provide assistance for all of their sales and technical questions.

Since you want to make money with an online chat job, checkout the available positions at the careers page of this website.

It is a  top call centre solutions provider in the United States and you can apply to work with this firm.

You can work at your own schedule and earn around $8 per hour.


18. TeleTech

TeleTech often provides customer service to clients.

You can get hired by this company if you can handle customer service and technical support issues by chat, phone or email.

You can use them to start making money as a customer service representative.

As a chat agent, you can earn around $8.50 per hour working with TeleTech.



As you have seen from reading this article, not only is it possible to get paid to chat but there are really genuine companies out there that pay.

You should check out these companies to see if they have positions for you that you can start using to make money simply doing online chats.


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