How To Get Paid To Test Drive Cars and Companies That Pay

You can spend a few minutes to test drive your dream car and get paid for it.  Many people are making money this way.

There are companies that actually pay individuals who register with them to test drive the cars they are showcasing.

Test driving jobs will give the individual averagely around $10 per hour and the industry is a reputable one.

If you can drive a car and have a valid driver license, then consider applying for a test driving job. You can make extra money by the side doing just this!

Here are details on how to get paid to test drive cars. You will also get to know some companies that actually pay people for test driving their cars.

Why Test Drive Cars

Auto manufacturers promote new models of the cars they make and sell frequently.

Potential buyers are offered the opportunity to test drive these cars and get a feel of them.

Of course, these drivers are incentivized for spending the time to test drive cars.

Once you see the advertised opportunity from the car manufacturer in your mailbox, or in TV, newspaper, or Radio, you can apply.

It is important to note that most car manufacturers send out such offers to those already in their mailing list.

So, if you are in the mailing list of car manufacturer or dealership you should expect such offers from time to time.

One of the major reasons you are sent to test drive cars in a local dealership is to get more information about the dealership.

Yes, mystery shopping companies can hire you to take information about how a car performs or how the dealership operates.

The information you gather at a car dealership during the car test drive is used by clients of the mystery shopping company to improve on their cars in market research.

As a mystery shopper, you will pose like a customer at the dealership to listen to the pitch, observe how the dealership is run, and test drive cars.

You will then fill out and send an evaluation report of your experience to the mystery shopping company which will pay you.


How Getting Paid to Test Drive Cars Work

Registration, Requirements, and Qualifications

If you are in the mailing list of the car manufacturer then you are more likely to receive frequent test drive offers.

The offers can be received in your mail or in the form of a certificate embedded in a car brochure.

If you receive an offer to test drive a car, you can print and present the certificate to the salesman of the auto dealership near you.

He will validate and sign your certification, and he will fill out the dealer’s code and VIN number of the car tested. Thereafter, you will be shown the car to drive.

You are required to be of age and present a proof of a valid driver’s license.

After completion of the test drive, you will sign the certificate and mail it back to the car manufacturer to collect your price.

So, be sure to meet these requirements to qualify and get paid to test drive cars.


Compensation and Incentives for Test Driving Cars

Many car manufacturers or dealerships will pay you cash for taking out time to test their cars, some will you other forms of incentives like:

  • Gift certificates to your favorite restaurants, hotels, movies, etc.
  • Gift certificates for online stores like Amazon
  • Free gas cards, DVDs, and other incentives.


Companies That Pay You To Test Drive Cars


This website works with car dealerships to pay people who want to test drive different cars and earn extra money.

If you are ready to purchase a vehicle then you can use this website to test different models. You will get paid for your time.

You can be paid between $25 and $100 for each completed test drive.


2. BestMark Mystery Shopping

BestMark is a mystery shopping company that offers individuals with the opportunity to make extra money by test driving cars.

You can work with this company as a mystery shopper and get paid for posing like a customer and observe how a car dealership is run.

You can be paid between $50 and $100 for your time.

Click here to check out BestMark Mystery Shopping


3. Google Driverless car

Google, the search engine giant, frequently advertises to individuals to help test its driverless cars.

Test drivers are paid a minimum $20 per hour for driving around between 6 and 8 hours.

If you have a clean driving record and you can report about the experience you have when driven around then you qualify for this job.

Click here to check out Google Driverless car


4. Kia Test Drive Offer

Kia offers individuals with the opportunity to earn an extra $25 Visa Gift Card for testing one of their cars in a specified location.

If you are of age and have a valid driver’s license then you are eligible to apply.

Click here to check out Kia Test Drive Offer


5. Subaru

Subaru is another car manufacturer that offers eligible drivers the opportunity to earn money by test driving one of its cars.

You can earn $50 Visa Gift Card for your time.

Click here to check out Subaru


Other major car brands which pay for test drive opportunities include:

6. Nissan

7. Chrysler

8. Hyundai

9. Toyota

10. Ford

11. Buick

12. Dodge

13. GMC

14. Chevrolet

15. Mercury

16. Saturn



Test driving a car to get paid is feasible if you want to earn extra money.

If you are planning to purchase a car then you can take advantage of the offers of websites like

If you are not ready to buy a car yet, then you should sign up with major car manufacturers for regular mails about test drive offers.

Or, you can find a shopping mystery company that offers test driving opportunities to mystery shoppers.

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