16 Cool Hobbies That Make Money

Yes, there are many hobbies that can make money for those who engage in them. This article shows many of such hobbies that just about anyone can profit from.

You see, it’s not true that we can’t make money from something others consider to be “mere hobbies”. Many people around the world are making really good money from their hobbies and you can too.

It doesn’t even matter whether you are educated or not. Many hobbies that people make money from have nothing to do with education.

Many of the hobbies presented in this article are fun to do and don’t need any level of education or even skills. You simply do what you enjoy and get paid.

15 Best Hobbies That Can Make You Good Money

That said, below are some of these hobbies that can make you really good money if you commit to doing them:


1. Sharing Your Thoughts or Opinions

If you love sharing your thoughts, giving advice or sharing your opinions with others, then you can make money online and offline.

You share your opinions about specific products, ideas, or companies and get paid for it. Your opinion may be useful for product or brand improvement.

There are many websites out there that will pay members to share their opinions. You can take surveys, participate in focus group discussions or do product testing.

You can be rewarded with cash, gift cards or free products after sharing your opinions.

Examples of online platforms where you can get paid to share your opinions include:

  • SwagBucks
  • InboxDollars
  • MyPoints
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Opinion World
  • Survey Junkie

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2. Interior Designing

Interior decoration is a passion for many people. This job entails decorating homes and offices for individuals and businesses.

You can make money as an interior designer if you promote your skills and offer services to homes and offices near where you live.

You can also set up a website and create videos to showcase your work. Interested clients can contact and connect with you through your website or online video channels.


3. Shopping

You may be the type of person that loves shopping for items at stores.

hobbies that make money

This passion can earn you money. You can make some good money while you shop online or offline.

The main way to get paid while shopping is to shop via websites, stores, or retailers offering rebates.

Here, you will get rebates, cash back, discount deals, or cash rewards for accessing and buying some specified products.

You can walk into the store offering the shopping deals and earn good money. You can also use money making mobile apps to access products that will provide you with discount offers, cash back and other forms of rewards.

The more you shop and follow the instructions, the more money you will earn.

Some of the best shopping platforms you can use to get paid for shopping include:

  • TopCashBack
  • Ibotta
  • Ebates
  • Shopkick
  • Receipt Hog
  • RetailMeNot

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4. Becoming a Handyman

You may be the type of person that has skills to complete different jobs. If so, then this hobby can help you earn money.

Here you work as a handyman and use your skills to fix things like furniture, to do odd jobs, do plumbing, mow lawns, clean and so on.

You can work for people in your neighborhood and get paid. Those who hire you to complete small tasks or odd jobs for them will pay you for your time and effort.

You can also connect with online platforms like TaskRabbit, or FieldAgent to get handyman jobs near you.


5. Singing

Are you a singer and love to produce nice songs? If yes, then this hobby can not only bring you pleasure, you can also make money singing online and offline.

You can sing at events organized near you and get paid.

It is no news that many people love those with a good voice and talent to perform for their guests.

You can seize this opportunity and get paid for your time.

Apart from singing offline, you can record songs and upload your music to websites so that people can listen to them and download them. As your song goes viral, you can make money through advertisements, licensing, streaming and distribution.

Websites that can be used to make money singing online include:

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6. Blogging

Blogging means reading, writing, and editing an online journal known as a blog. It may be your hobby to “blog” on daily topics. If this is so, then you can think of making good money with it.

You can set up a blog and write about topics or ideas you are familiar with. As you post quality content on your blog, many readers will become attracted to what you post.

Your blog can be popular for sharing content like articles, photos, memes, videos, or podcasts on your niche topic.

It can become the must go place for entertainment, information, instruction or education content.

Making money with your blog is possible in many ways:

  • You can sell your own products directly
  • You can review products for businesses
  • You can sell advertising space
  • You can use affiliate links to promote products for merchants

Blogging will make you good money if you share quality content that can attract huge traffic to your site.


7. Getting Paid to Read

If you love reading, you can turn that passion into profit. This can be done when you read and proofread documents.

The good thing is that you can read and review a variety of documents. These include books, articles, blogs, and more!

Your ability to read, edit and proofread will determine how much you are going to earn.

The more documents you can read within a short time, the more earnings you will receive online.

You can find proofreading jobs from schools, authors, and teachers around you.

Or, you can check out various online websites which can offer you proofreading opportunities.

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8. Travel Writing

You can be someone who loves to travel from one place to another. This is a hobby you most likely are passionate about. Turning that passion into profit is easy as well.

As you travel and visit different places you will meet new people, experience new cultures and taste different foods even for free.

The whole travel experience will be exhilarating. This is especially true if you have to explore new places.

You can make good money as a traveler. There are lots of ways that traveling can put extra earnings into your pockets.

If you have writing skills, then you can start documenting you travel experience in a book or in articles for publication.

You can become a travel writer and get paid by travel magazines after they receive and approve your content.

Travel writing pays well and it is a hobby you may want to explore especially if you love going places.

A list of Travel magazines you may want to consider include:

  • Verge Magazine
  • Pathfinders Travel Magazine


9. Teaching Kids Online

Are you passionate about teaching kids? If yes, then you should consider using this hobby to make good money online and offline.

You can organize academic lessons at home and have kids attend. You can advertise your services at schools, town halls, churches, and other places where parents come with their kids.

You can also apply to teach kids over the Internet. You will get to sign up with online platforms that employ teachers.

Some of these websites include:

  • HappyTutors

These platforms allow you to tutor kids of various ages in academic subjects that range from languages, writing, reading, recitation, poetry and other subjects.

It’s also one of the really good ways to make money from home while pregnant or even unemployed.


10. Origami Making

Origami is the artistic creation of folding paper into shapes representing objects (e.g., flowers, bags, or birds). This may be your hobby.

You can turn this hobby into profit by making good money with it online and offline.

When you become a master of Origami, you can create different shapes with ease. These can be used as souvenirs, packaging materials, and decorating items.

You can sell these to friends, family and businesses and get paid.

Or, you can set up an online video and instructional channel to teach others how to fold paper into Origami creations.

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11. Watching Videos

Many people watch videos or movies as a hobby. If you are one of these then you can be making good money online and offline.

There are websites that you can sign up with and get paid to watch movies.

What you watch comes in different forms like movie trailers, TV commercials, movie premiers and YouTube videos.

You can leave comments or share your opinions after you have watched some of these videos.

The reviews, comments, or ratings you make after watching the videos are often compiled into useful data for product improvement.

Another way to earn is to check-in at theatres and submit your observations on the movies before, during and after the shows.

Examples of platforms that will pay you to watch movies include:

  • CashCrate
  • Viggle
  • AppTrailers
  • Perk TV
  • Nielsen Digital Voice
  • HitBliss
  • Fushion Cash


12. Playing Online Games

Playing online games is a popular hobby for most people. If you are a lover of online games, then you are most likely have  a passion for them!

Apart from the satisfaction of winning, you can make good money playing online games.

You can earn money playing online games in different modes. Thus, games like arcade, bingo, slots, spin the wheel, poker, and others can be played online.

You will be rewarded with a set prize when you win tournaments. Some platforms will also reward you for participating.

While some gaming websites will ask you to register before you can play, there are many others that will approve your membership for FREE.

So, to make money playing online games as a hobby, check out online platforms like:

  • GSN Games
  • Exodus3000
  • LaLaLoot
  • CashDazzle
  • Bingozone

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13. Solving Puzzles and Crosswords

You may be someone that loves solving puzzles and crosswords, why not turn that hobby into money?

Yes, you can solve puzzles online and win rewards that may include cash prizes.

You can apply with many online places and play to win puzzle games like Sudoku and other similar games.

It’s one of the good ways retirees are having fun and making money.


14. Meditation

Meditation is a kind of soul exercise that bonds the mind and body. It can be done as a hobby.

It’s also one of the things people do that makes them happy.

The purpose of most meditation exercises are to give relaxation to the body and give wholeness and relief to the meditator.

Apart from achieving relaxation and relief of stress, this preoccupation can also be a source of good income for you.

Yes, if you have experience with meditation then you can actually teach others around you and charge them for your time.

You can also create Meditation lessons online via videos, audios and books and sell them to interested people.

This idea is sure to pay off if you are known for providing effective meditation instruction.


15. Drawing

Are you gifted with drawing images using pencil, pen, crayons and chalk, then you may consider this hobby as a money earning option.

You can draw real or imaginative objects and draw the attention of others.

Whatever you draw humans, animals, objects or cartoons you may connect with individuals or businesses that want a piece of your work.

Law enforcement officers can actually pay you to do a sketch on the anatomy of suspect, etc…


16. Become A Yoga Instructor

If you love doing Yoga as an exercise and/or a hobby, then you should consider making money from what you love.

You can become a Yoga instructor and get paid by those who seek your lessons.

As a yoga instructor, you can teach yoga lessons online and offline and get paid by many who need what you can teach.

Creating a membership site is a good way to bring in money for you, apart from actually physically teaching others.

On the other hand, you can set up a class in your neighborhood and have others pay to take the lessons you give.



The above are awesome and fun hobbies that can really make anyone good money working online or offline.

If any of the above hobbies are what you love, then you can consider making good money with them.


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