Best Jobs That Hire at 14 Years

Looking for jobs that hire at 14 years old? You should definitely read this article as it contains very helpful information for anyone looking for good jobs that can pay well, even for fourteen year olds.

If you are a fourteen-year-old teenager reading this, then there is a high chance that you are still in school.

However, there are kids of your age who are earning money from their side hustles or from jobs that pay well.

Yes, 14-year-olds can still get hired and paid well!

Here are some awesome types of jobs that hire 14 year olds.

1. Babysitter Jobs

You can be a babysitter and get paid well. Your job involves helping parents or guardians to babysit their kids.

You can do this job at your convenience so you can have ample time to study in school.

Some babysitting jobs allow you to live with the kids while others demand that you come from your home.

The average hourly wage of a babysitter is around $16. This figure is according to a survey conducted by UrbanSitter in 2018.

Of course, this is 2020, and there is no doubt that the pay for babysitters has increased.

To find a well-paying babysitter job, 14-year-olds should check out websites like


Yes, this is also one of the best night jobs from home that pay well, especially if you have a regular gig from several parents.

Jobs That Hire at 14 Years


2. Cashier Jobs

A cashier is a person responsible for receiving payments for goods and services (as in a shop or restaurant). You can work as a cashier and get paid well if you are 14 years.

Many organizations and small businesses can employ you to be their cashier.

Your duty will involve receiving payments for the goods or services rendered by the business you work for.

You can also perform this duty by operating a POS (Point of Sale) system.

Most restaurants and retail shops employ teenagers as part-time or full-time cashiers.

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3. House Sitter Jobs

You can work as a house sitter and get paid well even if you are 14 years.  A house sitter job is simply a job that allows you to take care of a house when the owner or landlord is away.

The landlord may hire you to clean the house, take calls and messages, and care for the garden or pet while he is away on a vacation or for business travel.

You can do this job at your convenience without leaving school.

House sitting jobs may demand that you stay in the home until the owner or owners are back from the trip.

A very good reason why homeowners would want you to do this job is that they want to prevent burglars who may want to take advantage if they think the house is empty.

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4. Fast Food Worker

You can work in a fast-food restaurant as a 14-year-old. Fast Food Workers do a lot of things to create an enjoyable dining experience for guests.

You can be hired as wait staff, a cashier, or a delivery person.

Fast Food Worker jobs are convenient and they enable the teenager to earn money part-time and still go to school.

Apart from the wages earned, the teenager can also get extra money from the tips given by customers or guests.


5. Dog Walker Job

If you love dogs, then you can be hired as a dog walker. This is a job in which you help walk the dogs of clients in the day or night hours.

Dog walkers can earn between $20 – $50 per hour, depending on the location, services, and the number of dogs walked daily.

For those who really love dogs, this is a great dream hobbies that bring in really good money for them.

You can walk dogs at your convenience or even at weekends when you are not in school.

So, if you love caring for dogs, then this is a job option that must consider fast.

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6. Summer Reading/Math Tutor for Elementary School Students

It is possible you are a brilliant 14-year-old at school, and you love to share your knowledge with others.

If so, you can tutor elementary school students and get paid.

You can teach basic subjects like Reading & Writing, math or science to the students get paid by their parents or guardians.

This job can be done hourly, and you will get paid.

Tutor jobs are perfect during the holidays. So, during your summer holidays, use your extra time to tutor students.

There are many online platforms where you can sign up today as a part-time tutor. Check out places like:



7. Online Writing Jobs for Teens

You can be hired as a writer if you have what it takes to write. Many 14-year olds who can write articles on specific subjects are hired as freelancers online.

Apart from articles, those who can write marketing and advertising content are always in great demand.

A related job for teens who can write is an editing job. This is a job where your duties involve editing and fixing errors on articles and other content written by others.

Writing and editing jobs are some of the well-paid jobs online even for students. Of course, what you earn would be commensurate with your performance.

Once you are good at putting together words, sentences, grammar, and paragraphs, then you will easily be hired by those seeking the services of writers.

You can do writing and editing jobs at any time and at anywhere. So, these are great jobs that provide teenagers with the convenience they need, and also reward their efforts very well.


8. Virtual Assistant Jobs

You can work as a virtual assistant and get paid well. A virtual assistant job is an occupation in which a person works from a remote place to complete clerical and secretarial duties for clients.

You can work from online to type documents, receive and make calls, organize meetings, and deal with customers on behalf of the managers or clients who are away from you in another location.

In other words, a virtual assistant is an “online personal assistant”. The difference is that you do your job online, and so you don’t need to be physically present.

14-year-olds and other teenagers with a good computer operating skill, a phone answering skill, and with a knack for an organization can be hired for the job of a virtual assistant.

These are websites where you can check out to sign up for virtual assistant jobs:


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14-year-olds can indeed be hired for good paying jobs. They can earn good money by the side even as they continue their studies.

Don’t forget though that some of the jobs mentioned in this article require good skills and strong passion on the part of the individual.

So, you should only go for the kind of job that would suit you.

Some other jobs that you should consider include website testing jobs, data entry jobs, customer service jobs, bookselling, etc.


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