Life Is Hard – 5 Reasons Why and How To Turn Your Life Around

Life is hard is the popular saying most of us always use when things are hard for us.

But do you really believe that?

Well, your answer may depend on what you are currently experiencing.

Of course, if you are having a sort of “bliss” or good time you may not care about this question.

But if you are in a kind of “pain” or going through bad times then no one needs to remind you how hard life has become.

That said, I want to state and agree with people who said say that “life is hard”.

There are many reasons for making this obviously ‘arguable’ statement.

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5 Reasons Why and How To Turn Your Life Around

Here the top 5 reasons why life if hard and how to make the best of your life.

If you adhere to many of the lessons contained below, you will definitely turn your life around… for the better.

1. The world is not created equal

The world is not created equal for everyone. There are lots of examples to cite on this point. Some are born rich while some are into poverty.

Some places are more favorably endowed with better natural and economic natural resources than others.

Some individuals are physically and mentally stronger than others, and some people are more endowed with wisdom and financial resources.

life is hard

Naturally, the Universe bestows hardship on some people. This may not be fair but there is nothing we can do about it except we decide to use that quality to change.

To avoid the hard life, get to understand that life is not fair to everyone.

Some people have it all while others are just managing to exist. If you are on the lower spectrum of life then your life would be hard.

Understanding this is the first step to picking yourself up and moving along with life. If you don’t understand this, it’s easy to remain sad and frustrated with life and not do anything about moving forward.

Also knowing life is unfair to everyone, not just you, is very important.

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2. Some People are selfish to others

Yes, some people are selfish and even damaged as they don’t show kindness to other people. That’s unfortunately true.

Life is tough for many individuals because others don’t care for them. Those at the receiving end find life very difficult.

The modern society is egocentric and promotes the notion of “every man for himself and God for us all”.

This is a selfish way of thinking, of course but it’s prevalent.

You can actually take the focus off you for a moment and help others. You can feed the hungry, give medication to the sick, clothe the naked, and shelter the homeless, give free books to children in need, and so on.

If you do this, you can make life more comfortable for those who are having a hard life.

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3. We are constantly struggling with criticism

Life would be hard for you always if you are constantly mindful of the opinion of others. You will never be happy if you continuously think of what others say about your body, actions, business, decisions, or personality.

The truth remains that nothing is perfect and you will always get criticisms from others.

Don’t let this overwhelm you or make you lose focus. Criticisms should be used as a stepping stone and not as a stumbling block.

Instead of allowing the criticisms to cause a hard life for you, use them to strengthen your resolve and will power for greatness. Prove your critics wrong by being better at what you do.

Criticisms will not end. The most revered people in this world are criticized. So, why are you worried? It is deep-rooted in our culture and society.

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4. We are surrounded by Uncontrollable Natural forces

Life is hard for us because we frequently face forces beyond our control.

Natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, landslide, famines, avalanche, Tsunamis, etc., are some of the forces that affect our environment.

Other forces like wildfires, accidents, and undisclosed sickness or illnesses may also be uncontrollable and cause hard life us.

There is nothing we can do except that we take precautions and hide in safety when these struck our homes or environment.

The devastation of these events could be catastrophic and may cause us heavy pains and losses.

Yes, if we don’t prepare for these forces, we could lose our belongings, minds, loved ones, and lives.

Since these forces cause a hard life for many people, then it becomes wise to avoid them in any way we can.

We can take precautions and move away from places that are prone to natural disasters. Natural disaster management tips and rules should be applied.

We must be proactive in dealing with natural disasters so we don’t become permanent victims of the hard life they cause.

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5. Many People are doing what they hate

Life would be hard for you if you do things you hate. Life is meant to be fulfilling, exciting and adventurous.

When we do things that we love, we become very passionate about it, and this easily leads to success. The reverse is the case when we do things we hate.

So, it is important to avoid things we hate so we can be happy. Where there is happiness, sadness is absence.

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You may not get the easiest of life doing what you love but at least you will get a sense of fulfillment.

On the flip side, if you don’t love what you do, even if it’s selling pictures or videos of your feet online, there would be the tendency of forcing yourself to things.

This will always affect how you feel and your perspective of life, in general,  it would be that of negativity instead of excitement.

With sadness and negativity comes the hard life. So, start doing what you love so you can deal with a hard life.

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