6 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money on Weekends

Generally, weekends are for relaxation and re-charging the energy that has been drained by tons of workload during the weekdays.

Now, you can earn extra money during weekends without having an actual job and while being in the comfort of your home or a leisure vacation.

Whatever time frame you can spend, surely there’s one earning opportunity that would fit you. Whether or not you don’t need extra cash at your current financial state, having some extra money for an immediate sale or emergency won’t hurt and will make you feel at ease.

The following list shows some of the opportunities available to get extra cash even during your recreational weekend.

1. Get Paid to Share your Opinions

By simply answering surveys, testing products or applications, or doing some calls to gather information, you can get that extra money. Several companies pay qualified people for sharing their opinions, reviews, feedback, and comments.

You cannot do these tasks without paying real attention, though, because that’s the most required trait to be qualified.

Companies often include bait questions in their online surveys to verify if the user is actually reading and answering honestly.

You also have to spend some time fulfilling your task, especially in product testing, because you have to explore the product or app to give a full review and feedback about it.

Meanwhile, phone call jobs entail excellent communication skills through verbal and written means. There are various niches to choose from and different payment rates.

Depending on your effort and skill, these tasks will give you a fair amount of cash.

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2. Do Simple Tasks

Perform jobs virtually and get rewarded accordingly. Tons of websites now operate on a “complete tasks, get paid” basis, and are mostly legit.

So if you’re not in the mood to do something tedious for a while, you can opt to go to websites like TaskRabbit, Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Fiverr where you can choose errands according to your interest, do the task, and receive cash.

The types of tasks to be fulfilled widely vary so surely you can find one to spend your weekend on. Clients seek someone to edit blog posts, change or remove the background of a photo, transcribe audio, create spreadsheets, and more.

Some sites exclusively offer captcha-typing as well. Mostly, you will be asked to make a profile for a start.

Be sure to honestly list your skills and express yourself creatively and pleasingly in your bio.


3. Create and Sell

If you have a knack for crafts or design, why not create something during the weekend then sell it online? You can sell a thing or two on the same day.

Being good at crafting, you can buy cheap materials and paint a design or make them look artistically presentable. Your social media accounts will be the most useful tool you need for advertising your products.

Another advertising option is to join buy-and-sell websites where your crafted goods can go worldwide without worrying about the shipping process.

In case you can design graphically, you should join the print-on-demand sites.

Here, tons of products such as shirts, bedsheets, mugs, and phone cases will have your designs on them, which anyone can buy. The website itself will take care of the advertising and shipping.

But you can also promote through social media platforms for more visitor traffic in your online shop and, hence, more possible buyers.

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4. Rent out Extra Space

During the weekend that you’re at home, you can let others rent an extra space or lot in your property.

There may be travelers around your area who seek a spot to park their vans. Perhaps they may even need room to settle in for a while.

Since you’re just at home, you will be able to make sure the renters will not invade your privacy and other properties other than what they rented out.

If you are on an out-of-town vacation, you can still rent out your space, but it’s better to find someone trustworthy to be your house-sitter.


5. Do Chores

If you are not tired by any chance, to do some household chores, you can offer to extend your helping hands in your locality for a reasonable rate.

People sometimes seek people to do manual tasks like moving furniture, painting walls, or even room innovation.

Simply post on social media platforms about your offer, and hope that someone will need and accept your service. You can also just make a sign and post it on your front door if you wish to do it locally.


6. Be a pet-sitter

Another outdoor job where you will enjoy and earn at the same time is being a pet-sitter. That is if you love pets.

You can offer just to walk dogs or add other services like staying in the owner’s house and accompanying their pet for several hours.

The payment rate in this particular job is quite high, considering you’re doing a routine task. Be sure you are knowledgeable enough in handling animals, though, in case different scenarios arise.

Several companies and websites can help you get a client and let them handle the rates and conditions required.

Weekdays include stressful workloads, sometimes a monotonous commute to the office, and the exhausting hours of waiting to be off duty. Now, after being stressed out during your weekdays, you can have a “fun and monetized” weekend.

Making extra money during your weekend is the best way to earn while enjoying it. Trying one thing and then another is fine, though it won’t certainly maximize your earnings.

Whether you suddenly crave a pint of ice cream or find the perfect dress in a garage sale, or you need a new pair of heels for your job, getting extra money during your off-work days can certainly fulfill those wants and needs.

It’s best to choose something that you will surely enjoy the most that comes with a reasonable pay considering your effort, and which you can spend enough time on within your weekend.


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