Make Money With Paypal and 24 Best Programs That Really Pay

It’s really easy and possible to make money with Paypal, especially on the Internet.

This articles shows the exact programs you can join to start making money and getting paid through Paypal.

Some of the programs in this article can even make you money even without any education, skill or even experience.

That said, below are the programs that can really make you money through Paypal:

1. Survey Junkie

One of the easiest ways of making money online and getting paid straight to Paypal is doing online surveys.

They are easy to do because there’s something for everyone when you join a paid survey program.

And since there are usually no right or wrong answers, it’s easy to make money just joining and doing some of the surveys you are presented with.

They pay you what’s due to you straight to your Paypal account. You can join for free and start exploring the different surveys they have, to earn enough for cash out.


2. Swabucks

This is another very reputable paid survey company that you can join to make money with Paypal.

They pay you for doing lots of different things, including fun things that you probably would do anyhow. They pay you for things such as watching videos, playing games, using their search engines, shopping, etc.

It’s completely free to join and start making money with Swagbucks.

make money with paypal


VIPKID is a platform that allows tutors to teach Chinese students English.

If you are an English teacher and a native speaker, then you can use this online platform to teach Chinese students between 5 to 12 years old.

The class session is carried out online using video and audio equipment like Skype or Google Hangout.

You will engage with the student one-on-one and provide lessons based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards as provided by VIPKID.

As a teacher with VIPKID, you can earn from $14 to $22 per hour. You can earn up to $500 in a month. Paypal is the payment processor that will be used to pay you!

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4. Call Center QA

Call Center QA allows you to make money as mystery shopper.

You will be hired to make calls as a “spy”. You will call stores or businesses and pretend to be a customer.

Afterwards you will complete a form to report your experience. Call Center QA will pay you after completing your assignment.

You will be paid via Paypal within 24-48 hours after your assignment is completed.

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5. Perk TV

Perk TV is an app that will reward you with points for watching videos. You will get paid for as many perk points as you can accumulate.

With Perk TV you earn points by watching app trailers, watching popular movies, answering pop quizzes, shopping online, and performing web searches.

The points you earn can be exchanged or redeemed for different types of rewards. You can redeem the points for PayPal cash, gift cards, and electronic merchandise.


6. Userlytics is a website testing platform. After you test a website for bugs and user-friendliness, you are paid.

As a member of this platform, you will receive your money via Paypal. The pay you receive  is from $5 to $50 for tests that can last 15 to 20 minutes.

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7. UserTesting provides people with website and app testing opportunities. You can sign up with this platform and become a website tester.

You core duties will include using and testing websites for user-friendliness.

These duties can be done by just about anyone, even if your life is hard at the moment.

Very good communication skills and the ability to express your thoughts are required.

In addition, you need to have a solid video and audio recording device.

UserTesting is one of the best website testing platforms around. After you complete the task, you are paid via PayPal. On the average, you will earn around $10 per each 20 minute test.

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8. Irazoo

Irazoo will reward you with points for downloading apps, taking surveys and completing offers from their partners.

These partners include BarkBox, Gamefly, or Hulu.

You will earn Irazoo points for testing products, submitting emails, downloading and installing apps, filling out paid surveys, and subscribing to magazines.

The points you earn can be redeemed for gift cards or Paypal cash.


9. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints provides you with the opportunity to make money online by downloading  apps.

You will earn points for each app you download and install. You can also earn more points by completing other tasks within the app.

The points you have earned for downloading and testing your apps can be exchanged for various rewards. Among these are PayPal cash and gift cards.

Yes, you will can exchange your points for Paypal, and you will get to cashout after you have reached $3.

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10. Runister 

Runister rewards you with real money when you install it and complete your daily workout.

You simply download this app and it will track your work out activity. This app also provides survey questions which you can answer for rewards.

On the home page, it writes “Runister is a tracking app but also a portal for people who need information. Your honest answer will help many people bring you a better service and to produce things that you’ll love.

These surveys are global, and make each user anonymous, and yet part of a specific community.”

You can connect you PayPal account with this app. For each mile you work out, you’ll get 0.08 USD (or equivalent in different currency).

You can cash out via PayPal when you reach the minimum threshold of $5.


11. Achievement

Achievement app pays you to track your healthy steps. You will earn points

For all the healthy things you do, like eating a diet, walking, running, sleeping, taking part in health-related surveys, meditating, swimming, cycling, and even healthy-related tweets.

It can be connected with popular fitness apps to track your activities.

The points you have received can be exchanged for cash. You will earn $10 for every 10,000 points.

You can be paid via Paypal or by bank account of your choice!

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12. SameSpeak 

SameSpeak will pay you to teach English online. You can sign up as an English Language coach and earn money online.

You can work from home on your own schedule. The set up requirements to start making money from your home with this platform is highlighted on their website:

You will need a computer with high speed broadband access (dial up is too slow and cannot be used), headset with microphone and free registration with Skype free computer to computer calling. It is important that you use the free Skype test call service on the Skype site to ensure that your sound is audible before making yourself available.

You can will earn around $10 for every 30 minute coaching session. You can be paid weekly by Paypal but there is a $100 minimum to cash out.


13. Skooli

Skooli provides you with an opportunity to earn money online as a certified teacher. You can sign up with this platform and start earning money by tutoring others.

If you are a certified teacher in any academic subjects like English, Literature, Biology, Math, Astronomy,  Physics, Geometry or Algebra, then you can become a Skooli teacher and get paid after tutoring students online.

You can earn around $25 per hour. When you earn $100 you can cash out with PayPal.

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14. 1Q

1Q will pay you for answering polls and questions. You will be provided with a simple question that will earn you an instant $0.50.

The questions asked are from companies that are interested in your opinions, so they can use them to send you an offer.

Questions based on who you are, what you do and where you are located are sent to you.

You will get paid by Paypal the instant you answer the question sent to you!


15. is a popular website that provides online tutors for students. If you are teacher, then you can should consider this platform to start making money online.

You can sign up to teach academic subjects like English, Social Studies, Science, Math, Astronomy, and History to students.

Once your application is approved and you are connected with a student, you can then start making money as tutor.

You can work at your own schedule and you need to be available at least 5 to 30 hours in a week. provides you with the opportunity to make $10 to $50 per hour as tutor. This will be based on the subject you teach. You will be paid via PayPal.


16. Cambly

Cambly is a platform that gives you an opportunity to teach English as a Foreign Language to students.

Even if you think you don’t know what to do, you can teach and help others learn and improve their language skills in English or Spanish.

So, if you are an English or Spanish native speaker, then you can apply with this platform and start making money online.

You can earn up to $10.20 per hour after you complete a tutorial session with a student.

You will receive your payment weekly via Paypal.


17. Quicktate 

You can become an online transcriber and get paid by Quicktate. This website hires freelance transcribers to transcribe recorded audio files into texts.

Recorded files like speeches, medical diagnoses, court hearings, depositions, and lectures are some of the documents that can be transcribed.

If you can type fast and accurately and have experience transcribing documents, then you can apply with Quicktate.

You can earn from 0.0025 per word to 0.0050 per word as a Quicktate transcriptionist. You will receive your payment via Paypal every week.


18. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe will hire and pay you for general, legal and medical transcriptions. You can apply to this platform and get paid if you can transcribe audio files into texts.

You must type fast and have the required equipment.

TranscribeMe pays around $20 per audio hour transcribed for general transcriptions.

It pays more for legal and medical transcriptions if you have the required experience.

Payments are made by Paypal.


19. Bookscouter

You can make money online by selling your used or old books through Bookscouter. This platform helps you to connect with buyers and helps you make money fast.

If you have old college books, novels, and other textbooks you are no longer using, use the tools of Bookscouter to sell them and make money.

You can simply put the ISBN code or Author’s name in the search tool to get a quote. If you accept the price from the buyer, you then just send your book and get paid.

Bookscouter will pay you through PayPal. So, link your Paypal account when signing up.


20. Decluttr

Decluttr is platform where you can sell your old CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, games consoles and electronics. If you have these items in good condition but they are occupying space in your home, you can sell them and make money!

With the features of Decluttr you can enter the UPC barcode of the CD/DVD to get price quotes. Some quotes will earn you up to $0.70 per CD.

If you sell your items on Decluttr, you can receive your payment via Paypal, check or direct bank deposit.

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21. Second Spin

Second Spin is another platform that allows you to make money online by selling your CDs, DVDS, Blu-Rays and similar gadgets. You will earn Paypal money for selling your devices at the best prices.

You can receive your payment via Paypal, you can also receive payment via check or store credit.


22. Airbnb Host

You can rent your apartment or home to guests and make money with Airbnb. This is a website that helps connect you with tourists, travelers, and other guests that will need a Bed and Breakfast like hosting facility.

Airbnb gives you the opportunity to be a host. No matter the kind of home you have, this website makes it simple and secure for you to start earning by being a host to travelers!

You can sign up and list your space or home on the Airbnb website. You also set your price and the number of guests you can accommodate. If a guest shows interest and books your accommodation, you will get paid.

Airbnb takes 3% of the fee paid by the guest, and you keep 97%. Your payment is made through Paypal, direct deposit, international money wire and other ways.


23. Draft2Digital 

Draft2Digital is a platform which allows you to distribute and publish your books. If you are a writer and want to do self-publishing, then consider this platform.

As your books are distributed and sold on Draft2Digital, you will be paid royalties.

You can be paid with PayPal, direct deposit, check or Payoneer – depending on what you have chosen.

This platform takes 10% of the retail price or 15% of the net royalties.


24. ClickWorker provides you with the opportunity to complete different short tasks.

These tasks may be data entry, online surveys, editing, transcription, copywriting, typing, or translation of documents

You will be paid once your work is submitted and approved. ClickWorker pays by PayPal or direct bank deposit every week once your account reaches $1.

For those who love sharing their thoughts and opinions with others, this can be one of those fun hobbies that get you paid good money.



This massive article has highlighted how to make money online with PayPal and some of the best programs or companies that really pay.

So check them out and start earning and getting paid through Paypal.


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