15 Money Making Apps That Make You Money, Even If You Are Lazy

Yes, there are really awesome money making apps that can make you money, even if you are lazy.

Some of them work to make you good money every single day even while having fun using them.

Some even work to earn you money just having them installed on your mobile device.

You can even make money with your Paypal account using these apps.

So, yes, if you are lazy and I mean really lazy where you don’t want to do much work, then you can start using your smartphone to make money.

It is indeed possible to make money with your smartphone and you don’t have to do much work.

You can accomplish this by just installing and using some smartphone apps.

The remaining part of this article will show you the very best apps that will help you make money with your mobile device.

Even if you are lazy, these apps can put extra money in your pocket seamlessly and without stress.

1. Smart Panel  

Smart Panel is a smartphone app that will help you to make money even if you are lazy.

This app works by running in the background of your phone to gather data and information that will be useful for research purposes by top websites, apps and tech companies.

You simply install this app and allow it to track information about you movement and browsing history. You will be paid up $110 per year or $230 for two years if you allow this app installed on your phone.

According to the developers and promoters of this app: “For every month that you use the Smart App, you’ll earn another $5. After your devices have been syncing with us for 90 days, you can earn a loyalty bonus of $5. After six months, you can earn a loyalty bonus of $10, after nine months $15, and every quarter after that another $15.

You can redeem you rewards with PayPal payments or by gift cards.

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2. Fronto

Fronto is an app that even lazy people can install on their smartphones and make money. It works by displaying videos and apps which you can engage with or download.

Fronto will display ads each time you unlock your phone screen. You will earn points by engaging with those ads or by downloading the apps.

Your points can be exchanged for gift cards from popular retailers. You can cash out when you reach a minimum threshold of $20. It is also important to know that you will also earn points even if you don’t engage with content displayed.

You have to swipe to the left to engage more with the displayed content, but if you swipe right then you can start making use of your phone as it was designed. 1000 points is equal $1.

You can exchange your points for PayPal cash or other prizes.

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3. Mobee

Mobee is an app you can use to earn money even if you are lazy. You can earn with this app when you use it to find simple tasks such as working as a mystery shopper.

Yes, Mobee will help you find simple mystery shopping tasks in the place where you live and will reward you with points.

Every 100 points you earn means you will get $1. You can earn as many points as you can. If you are lazy but love to shop, then you can use Mobee to start earning with ease.

After you have joined Mobee, a notification of the available mystery job is sent to you. You can then go the recommended store and pose like a customer and make observations on the prices, customer service and the display of items in the store.

You will also answer short questions and give a report to earn points.

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4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an app for anyone who wants to make easy money online.

This app rewards users for engaging in different tasks like playing games, watching videos, shopping, searching the Internet, answering survey questions, and making referrals.

You can also get paid to watch Netflix and other videos!

You can download and sign up with Swagbucks if you are lazy but want to earn passive money. You will be rewarded with “SBs” or points anytime you complete a specific task. Your accumulated SBs can then be exchanged for cash or gift cards.

You can only withdraw cash from your PayPal account when you reach a minimum of $25 or 2500 points.

For gift cards, you only need a minimum $3 or 300 points to earn from top retailers like Amazon, Groupon, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target and Walmart.

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5. TaskRabbit 

TaskRabbit is an app you can install to make money. You get to earn by using this app to find simple tasks in your area to complete within minutes or a couple hours.

TaskRabbit connects you with people who will pay you for running errands or completing tasks.

If you are lazy, you can use this app to earn money by doing tasks like waiting in line on behalf of customers, delivering groceries and driving people to the hospital.

Before you are approved by TaskRabbit as a Tasker, they must check your background.

You can cash out via check or PayPal, and you need a minimum of $25 in your account before you can cash out.

For each task you can earn up to $14 or more.


6. BookScouter  

BookScouter is an app that helps you sell your old books. It makes it easy for you to find buyers and places that have buy-back policies so you can sell your books with ease.

You will be able to compare prices and sell to the best bidder when you use this app to sell any textbooks you no longer use.

It will also interest you to know that Bookscouter will handle the shipping once you have accepted an offer from any buy-back program.

Use the search features of BookScouter to find the best prices for your books, and as soon as the book gets to the buyer your account will be credited.

You get paid by PayPal or by check once your books have been received. Students can use this app to make money by selling their old textbooks.

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7. Shopkick  

Shopkick is an app that you can use to earn points and make money.

You can use it to earn points for linking your credit cards, shopping online, scanning the receipts of your purchases and for walking into specific stores in your location.

You have to turn-on the location feature of your phone so that Shopkick can track your location and give you points for walking into specified shops.

The points you earn with this app are called “kicks”. Your ‘kicks” or points can be redeemed for gift cards. You can also earn through the referral program.

The minimum ‘kicks’ you have to earn before cash out is 1250, which is equivalent to $1.25.

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8. Iconzoomer

Iconzoomer is an app that pays you to complete simple photo taking assignments.

This is also one of the apps to use for selling feet pictures online.

Once you have completed signing up with this app, you will be provided with an assignment like taking pictures of the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the shoes you are wearing and what you are drinking.

You also have to leave a short comment under each picture you take so that manufacturers can make better decisions about the product in the future.

For each assignment you complete, you earn credit points. On the average, you will earn between 5 and 10 credits for each picture. For every 100 credits you will earn $5.

When you reach a minimum of 200 credits, you can redeem $10 in cash from PayPal or receive a $10 gift card  from stores like Amazon.


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9. MobileXpression  

MobileXpression is an app that will reward you with prizes when you allow it to run in the background of your phone for a week. You simply have to answer a couple questions and install the app.

You will also get an opportunity to win prizes in the Weekly Winners Sweepstakes organized by the makers of this app. Prizes you can win weekly with this app include gift cards or merchandise like tablets, electronics and smartphones.

This app works for both android and iOS operating systems. If you don’t want to do too much work when making money then consider using MobileXpression.

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10. SlideJoy  

SlideJoy is an app that will allow you to earn by locking your screen with ads. You can swipe left to view and engage with ads or you can swipe right to continue using your phone to make calls or do other normal things.

SlideJoy pays you with points or Slidejoy Carats for every activity you engage in. Even if you don’t engage with the ads or videos displayed, you will still earn Slidejoy Carats for allowing this app to run on your phone.

1000 Slidejoy Carats are equal to $1. You can earn up to $20 per month using this app. You only need to reach $2 to cash out with PayPal or to receive gift cards. SlideJoy also rewards users with Carats for referring their friends.


11. Stash  

Stash is an investment app that allows you to earn for doing nothing. You just need to invest $5 and learn how to invest and access financial opportunities.

Stash helps you to build an investment that reflects your interests, beliefs, and goals. Stash Invest is free for the first month.

After that you will be charged a $1 monthly fee for Invest accounts and a $2 monthly fee for Retire accounts.

You are not charged for deposits, withdrawals, commissions, or trading fees. Using this app will make you earn more by investing a little cash at a time.


12. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app you can use to earn points or get paid for scanning receipts of grocery purchases.

The receipts you scan could be from any store. You can also use this app to play a round of the Hog Slot game.

For each receipt you scan and submit, you earn points that can be redeemed for prizes like cash or gift cards.

1000 points is equal to $5, and this is minimum you need before you can cash out. Cash payouts can be with PayPal.

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13. EasyShift

EasyShift is an app that rewards you for completing different tasks known as “shifts.”

These tasks or assignments are easy and simple to complete, so even if you are lazy, you can use them to start making money.

You earn from $2 to $12 for completing simple tasks in your area.

Tasks could be as easy a taking picture of items, filling out short surveys, copying numbers for others, or using the EasyShift app.

Once you complete a specific task and it is approved, you will get your payment within 48 hours.

It is important to mention that no minimum balance is required to cash out. So, you can cash out even if you just made $2. You are paid by PayPal.

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14. Rewardable  

Rewardable is an app that pays you cash for completing different types of tasks. You will be rewarded for completing short tasks of between 5 and 15 minutes. Each task pays differently and you can earn up to $20.

The types of tasks you complete with this app are mostly simple tasks you can do on your smartphone.

These may include taking photos of products, counting the number of products on a shelf, recording the wait time at restaurant, rating the quality of service at store or answering simple multiple choice questions.

Rewardable pays you immediately once you complete a task. You can request payout via PayPal or GoBank account.


15. ScreenPay  

ScreenPay is an android app that allows you earn by engaging with promotions and deals that are displayed on your lockscreen.

Once you download and sign up with this app, your lockscreen will be filled with promotions based on your personal interests and lifestyle.

You will be rewarded after you have seen the promotion or deal you like and have launched it by dragging the circle towards the ScreenPay logo.

You can also earn more by inviting friends, choosing more topics or adding more of your personal info. You need to reach a minimum $5 before you can cash out with PayPal.



All the money making apps in this article are completely free to install and start using today. You should definitely try some of them out to see how much money you can make, especially those that make you  money while still having fun.


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