12 Online Tutoring Jobs That Pay Very well

Yes, there are many online tutoring jobs that pay very well.

You will learn about how these jobs work and some of the best companies to get involved with.

So, yes, if you are interested in teaching and making money online you sure would like to get jobs that pay very well.

Not all online tutor sites pay teachers well though so you need to be careful which ones you spend time working with.

Thankfully this article has done a lot of the work for you. It contains details about some of the best ones to consider getting started with, especially if you want to get paid well.

These sites are among the best that pay very well.


1. Academy Tutors

Academy Tutors is a platform that offers 24/7 online tutoring to help students excel. This platform was founded in 2014 by John Cochener.

They hire caring tutors to help meet the needs of students from all classes.

Specifically, Academy Tutors offers the following:

  • K-8 Homework Help & Course Enrichment
  • 9-12 Math, English, Science, and History Support
  • Test Prep Training for SAT, ACT, SSAT, and more

Academy Tutors will hire and pay you to tutor. This is especially if you are a caring teacher, a college professor, or Ph.D. students. You must have at least one year of a BA or BS program.

Tutors on this platform earn between $7.25 and $36 per hour. Average salary $16.92 per hour, and the average salary for test preparation salaries is $24.26 per hour.

online tutoring jobs


2. Brainfuse

Brainfuse is a website that offers online tutoring to students. This platform offers 24/7 online tutoring, learning management software and a comprehensive online writing lab.

You can become a tutor with this platform and get paid well to tutor others.

Brainfuse provides one-to-one online tutoring in all major higher education subjects, including, but not limited to:

  • Mathematics (Basic Skills – Calculus II)
  • Writing
  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics, Biology
  • Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Introductory Finance
  • Spanish
  • Statistics

To become a tutor with this site, you must send your resume to Your resume would be reviewed and a registration code would be sent to your email.

Tutors undergo a rigorous selection process that includes proficiency test, background check, training, professional development, etc.

Brainfuse pays tutors averagely $11 per hour. Online writing tutors on this platform earn $12 per hour.

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3. Cambly

Cambly is one of the best online platforms where teachers are paid very well. This site hires tutors who make money chatting online and teaching students anytime and anywhere.

If you have what it takes to teach English to students, Cambly would be the right platform for you. You can help students to practice conversation skills, learn and improve on their pronunciation, and practice any other English skills.

Cambly is one of the best online tutor sites because:

  • you can work from anywhere
  • You need no experiencing applying a tutor on this platform.
  • You can choose the time and how long you want to work.
  • You can meet interesting people around the world.

Cambly pays tutors $0.17 per minute. This means you can earn as much as $10.20 per hour.

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4. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors is a platform where expert tutors get to answer questions online. Members can submit a question, get matched with a tutor, and take a lesson.

The student can work with tutors in a live lesson space and can chat via text, audio, or video.

You can become a tutor and get paid well on this platform.

Chegg Tutor online jobs are among the best well-paid jobs. The top tutors can earn $1,000+ /month. The starting pay per hour is $20+

Working as Tutor on Chegg provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Teach students from anywhere you have Internet access
  • Focus on tutoring while Chegg handles rates & billing
  • Build a reputation and get more tutoring opportunities
  • Teach when it is convenient for you.

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5. Course Hero

Course Hero is an education website based in Redwood City. California. It was founded in 2006 by Andrew Grauer at Cornell University. The site was originally for college students to share class notes, lectures, assignments, and exams.

Today, Course Hero various types of services to members. It is an online learning platform for course-specific study resources.

Course Hero offers 24/7 access to online tutors. You can sign up with this platform and help answer questions.

You can sign up for an educator account or for a Course Hero tutor account. The Course Hero educators are professors, teachers, instructors, lecturers, and tutors at institutions around the world, including universities, community colleges, vocational schools, and high schools.

The Course Hero online tutors are experts in various fields who are passionate about teaching and helping students learn.

According to, the average Course Hero Tutor weekly pay in the United States is approximately $1,200, which is 170% above the national average.

Some employees at Glassdoor have shared that their hourly pay was $11/ per hour.

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DaDa is a leading online English education website based in China. This platform has the mission to be the best online international school in China through English Education.

The Platform partners with reputable educational resources or publishers like Oxford University Press, McGraw-Hill Education, Pearson Education, National Geographic Learning, Highlights, and other learning centers.

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You can become a teacher with DaDa and meet the needs of the students 100%. To work with DaDa, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Teaching certificate (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA, etc.)
  • Proof documents for teaching experiences.
  • Supporting documents of a non-criminal background check.

DaDa online teachers are paid very well and you can work with DaDa anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Dada Teacher hourly pay at DaDa can range from $13 – $20. According to the platform, teachers’ pay will be sent on 15th of each month via direct bank deposits (or other transfer ways).

Please pay attention that overseas bank transfers normally take 2-5 business days.

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7. Elevate K-12

Elevate K-12 is a unique website that is passionate about creating high-quality teaching and learning opportunities for teachers and students.

This platform ensures that high-quality education is made available to all students irrespective of where they come or live.

Elevate K-12 allows teachers to teach K-12 students online, while they are in school.

If you are a qualified teacher, then you can sign up with this website and provide High-Quality Live Online Instruction In School

You can teach Math, social studies, science, ELA, Reading, Robotics, Foreign Language, and coding.

The benefits you will achieve include the following:

  • You keep the same group of students for a series of sessions in each class. This is because there are no on-demand queues
  • You get to work from anywhere and set your number of hours
  • You would be paid well.

Elevate K-12 teachers earn $12-19 per hour.

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8. Englishunt

Englishunt was founded in Seoul, Korea in December 2000. It is an educational publisher that focuses on distance education services and content creation.

This platform has a branch in the USA where teacher recruiting, hiring, and training services are provided.

You can sign up with Englishunt as a teacher and get paid to teach students online.

It’s even one of those jobs that can be done at night, from the comfort of you rhome.

Englishunt is one of the best online platforms where teachers get paid well.

If you can teach English to young and adult students, then you can sign up with this platform and start making money.

It will interest you to know that Englishunt does not require any teaching experience from you. However, instructors should have at least a two-year degree from an accredited institution.

The pay for Englishunt teachers is on a case-by-case basis. Each teacher is compensated based on where he or she is placed on the compensation program. In most online reviews, the average for most teachers on Englishunt is $14 – $15 per hour.


9. Fast School

Fast School is an online educational company. It is based in Beijing, China. This company is a platform which focuses on the teaching of English to Chinese students. The teaching is online.

Fast School was founded by Mr. Fang Gang, the former senior VP of SOHU.COM

You can become a teacher at Fast School and get paid by one of the best online resources.

The requirements for working with this company include:

  • You must have a passion for kids
  • You must be Native English Speaker
  • You must have a headset and Webcam
  • You must have a certificate in Teaching English
  • You must have a high-speed Internet connection with Ethernet
  • You must have reliable Laptop or Desktop

Fast School pays its teachers very well. You can earn $30-40/hr. for a 30-minute lesson conducted. You will get your payment via PayPal once a month.

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10. GeoVisions

The GeoVisions Foundation was founded in 2001. It is a program or community that brings together people for traveling experiences. It has experience in international education and cultural exchange.

According to the mission statement, GeoVisions is committed to helping individuals develop global skills to succeed in the twenty-first century.

You can become a GeoVisions online teacher and work from anywhere. You can specifically sign up to teach English online to thousands of students in China.

Working with GeoVisions as an online teacher is very rewarding. This platform reveals that you can earn a competitive salary of $9-$20/class.

If you schedule 10, 25-minute classes per week (and weekend) and 15, 40-minute classes per week, you could earn about $435 per week or $11,000 for six months.

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11. Gogokid

Gogokid is a website that connects students in China with those who can teach English. According to the site, Gogokid creates a connection between children in China and the world by providing a global learning experience.

You can sign up with this platform and get paid for tutoring online. You can present your qualification along with a teaching demo for an interview.

Gogokid offers one of the best jobs for teachers online. You will only teach one student for each class. The classes take place in a virtual classroom.

As a teacher, you can earn $14-25 per hour. Your payment includes class payment and participation incentives on a credit score basis.


12. Interac

Interac is a provider of corporate educational services that enrich the hearts, minds, and lives of people of all ages. It is founded in 1972 and it is the largest private-sector provider professional foreign teachers to the Japanese government through its ALT Program.

The ALT Program refers to the Assistant Language Teacher (ALT). This is title coined by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) to describe native-level English speakers working in Japanese classrooms.

You can sign up as a Tutor with Interac. Your job would be in two inseparable aspects: A language instructor and a cultural ambassador.

As an ALT you can teach approximately 20 to 25 classes, 45 to 50 minutes each, per week. You will most likely receive a gross annual salary of approximately 2.40JPY – 2.7 JPY million per year. This is equivalent to227, 116.80 USD – 255,506.40 USD per year.



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