6 Easy but Effective Ways Retirees Can Make Extra Money in Their Spare Time

Yes, there are really awesome ways retires can make extra money in their spare time.

If you are a retiree or you have a loved one who is retired, you will learn a lot from this article.

It shows you some really easy ways to make money that can work for retirees.

And what’s really cool is that these ways can be done by most retirees.

A retiree is someone who has retired from active working. This doesn’t mean that he or she cannot make extra money in his or her spare time.

In fact, so many retirees have stopped working but are not yet done with trying to make extra money to live out their lives. They have lots of options to make money at home.

Retiring from an active job doesn’t mean you get bored and wait for death.

Absolutely not.

Rather, this is a very important time when you can doing what you want or always wanted to do in your spare time, and get paid for it.

That said, here are some really easy but effective ways for retirees to make extra money in their spare time.


1. Recycle your old products or items

As a retiree you can make extra money in your spare time by selling your old stuff.

Having lived such a long time we always have a lot of stuff that we no longer need. Such stuff can be recycled.

There are companies that recycle products like old mobile phones, card board papers, scrap metals, old plastic containers, etc.

These products are often recycled or reprocessed for use again.

If you have any ‘recyclable’ item in your home then you can definitely make money recycling them.


2. Take good photographs and sell them

You can take photographs to make extra money as a retiree.

What you do is use a camera to take snapshots of popular places, events, animals, people, etc.

You then register online marketplaces like to the pictures.

It should interest you to know that many website owners and businesses need pictures of “anything” to promote their posts and online pages.

If you have a good digital camera or you have a smartphone with sharp lenses then you should be making more money producing and selling quality pictures of landmarks, vacations, holidays, seminars, weddings, etc.

What’s really good with this method of making extra money is that it doesn’t involve any strenuous work or activity.

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3. Develop and run websites or blogs to sell

If you are one of those who have the passion to build and run websites then this is your time to make money as a retiree.

You don’t really need to do much building websites as you can use programs like org, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, etc, to build websites or blogs.

You can invest in domain names and hosting to have your blog or website published online.

If your website is about a hot niche or topic then your chances of making money online will increase.

More so, as a retiree, you can help to develop websites for others and earn extra money in the process.

Even if you don’t know what to do in terms of building a website, it’s not that hard to learn at all.

There are now ready-made website themes that make it a real breeze to start building websites. Most of them are even completely free to start using.

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4. Sell your mural painting skill

Do you have skill in wall paintings? If yes, then you can promote your skills and paint murals for friends, family and those around your neighborhood.

You can also get referrals from satisfied colleagues whom you have painted murals for.

With your paintbrush you can make walls, rooms, and environment look more artistic and beautiful. You would be rewarded by your skill and creativity.

You can sign up with websites that are tailored for thisĀ and list your mural painting services.


5. Babysit or do nanny job for others

You can make extra money by the side as retiree by using you time to babysit children or pets for friends and neighbors.

retirees making money

Since you are not in any active job, you can use your home or extra space to help others look after their children or pets.

Although some states require babysitters or nannies to register with the appropriate authority, some other states do not make it compulsory.

You can extra money babysitting for a few hours in a day.

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6. Officiate events in your locality

You can make extra money by officiating events around your locality. I am talking about events like weddings, birthdays, and conferences, etc, for friends or colleagues.

If you have the eloquence, language and skill to perform as Master of Ceremony or M.C. then should put these skills into use and make extra money during events.

You can get more and more referrals for your successful speeches and sense of organization during events.

I know many people prefer those with experience to officiate such events and retirees have a lot of experience needed for this.


There are many other ways retirees can make money and the above are just a few, to get your creative juices flowing!


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