Honest Ways Students Can Really Make Money Online

There are lots of ways to make money online. Students can explore these ways to make money part-time or full time even as they continue with their studies.

Yes, as a student who wants to start making money with the Internet, you don’t have to stop your education completely. Instead, you can complement your work with your studies and get paid for your time.

The Internet is awesome and it provides people (including students) with different opportunities to make money from just about anywhere. As a student, you can work from your dorm, the school library, your home or just about anywhere you find yourself.

Making money online is cheap for most students. A huge financial investment to start off is not required at all. Some students are hired even without prior working experience nor academic qualification.

Unlike other methods of making money, trying to make money on the Internet doesn’t involve spending money on renting a large space, buying a lot of office equipment, etc.

You can get started using just your computer or even a mobile device.

And what’s really cool is that you can work while on the move, thanks to mobile devices that have as much (if not more) computing power as full computers and laptops.

That said, below are some really cool and honest ways to make money as a student:

1 – Make money tutoring others online

You can make money by tutoring others online. Sign up with any online tutoring platform or website that hires people who can teach others.

Some of these platforms don’t need your academic qualification nor your teaching experience. However, you may need to pass a tutoring test or meet other conditions as demanded by the platform.

If you have a computer with an Internet connection you connect with students from any part of the world. You will get paid for chatting and teaching the subjects you signed up for.

Most online tutoring sites will hire you to teach kids or other students any academic subject like English Language, Maths, Science, Geography, or any topic you are familiar with.

Examples of online tutoring sites you can register with to start making money as a student include:

  • Englishunt
  • TutorVista
  • 51Talk

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2 – Freelance writing

If you are a student with good writing skill, then you can use it to start making money online. You can start working as a freelance writer.

You can sign up with freelance websites which will connect you with clients whom you can complete projects for.

The clients will pay you to write articles, resumes, blog posts, product reviews, and other forms of writing projects.

As a freelance writer, you can work at your schedule and you may also decide how much you want to be paid per hour or per project.

Examples of online freelance writing websites where students can start making money online include:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Flexjobs
  • Monster

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3 – Build and Sell Software

You can build and sell software products to make money as a student.

If you have coding skills or you study programming languages in schools then you might have developed the skill to build useful software that runs on computers or smartphones.

It can even be one of the really cool hobbies that can make money for you.

By selling the software you can start making money offline or online.

You can promote your software through websites where programmers or developers get to sell their apps.

Examples of online platforms where students can sell the software or app they build include:

  • eBay
  • PayLoadz
  • E-Junkie
  • Amazon

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4 – Build and operate a Niche Blog

You can build a niche blog as a student and start making money from it. On this blog, you will get to post updates on a specific topic you are passionate about.

The blog could be about entertainment, education, politics, or it could just be an informative blog.

You can make money with this niche blog by selling items products on it.

You can also sell adverts space for interested clients, get paid to publish sponsored posts, or you can use this blog to do affiliate marketing.

Students who build and operate niche blog do so at their own schedule. They can spend less time on the blog and earn passive income.

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5 – Become a Handyman

You can make money online by becoming a handyman. In this case, you can use your spare time in school to complete odd jobs and small tasks for others.

The good thing is that there are websites which connect you with clients that need your service.

A good example of such an online platform is This platform will connect you with clients who want the services of a handyman to complete jobs like cleaning, ironing, driving, installations, or going on errands for them.

Students and other people that work with can earn up to $100 per hour because the platform allows them to set their own prices and work at their own rate.

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